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Stanley Cup Playoffs Open Thread - April 22

Toronto Maple Leafs v Washington Capitals - Game Five
A low bridge too far
Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Weekend subbing-in continues - but with that sinking feeling....

Lots of stuff on the line for Canadian teams today. For example the Canadians could face elimination in NY. Ugh.

NM’s surrogate Canadian team, the SJ Snarks, face elimination from an (allegedly) Canadian team, the Oils.

So much to play for. So much to lose. Ok, not much to lose - just a bonus 1st round pick. We’ve lost much more before. We can take it.

Wild (losing) vs BLUES 12pm PDT - SN

They had a pretty good run. In the regular season. But, the Wild have not had a happy first round. Will their last round be happier?

Filthy, Terrible, No Go Rangers Vs Les Habs - 5pm PDT - CBC

The Habs come into NY leading the series after their spectacular OT win in Montreal trailing the series after their spectacular OT loss in Montreal. Lose today and it’s a loss that haunts until October. No pressure, Habs.

Deep Snarks Vs Les tOilers - 7:30pm PDT - SN

Keeping a simple 3-1 lead isn’t so simple for last year’s cup runner ups. They will need to get their Shark Tank pressure suits fully pressurised for this one or we lose our 1st round pick from them. Double travesty. Go Snark!

Enjoy your wet coast playoff Saturday!