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Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter Here: Nikita Tryamkin Is Returning To Russia

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Anyone know a 6’7’’ defender willing to work for cheap, a new coach, new system and a lengthy rebuild?

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at Edmonton Oilers Candice Ward-USA TODAY Sports

Update: Per CA, Vancouver retains his NHL rights through 2022 assuming they qualify him by 6/27.

After the flaming Kung fu-style groin chop that was the Vancouver Canucks 2016-17 season ended, and after they canned their coach a few seconds after the final whistle, you would have thought the damage was done for awhile. Kick back, watch Calgary lose and get ready for the draft was all you had to do, right?

Wrong, sucker.

Tryamkin is leaving the Canucks to play in the KHL for Avtomobilist instead, in a move that was announced first on the Avtomobilist web site and then confirmed by the KHL in a tweet.

Angry yet? Wait until you get the (Google-translated) facepalm of why he’s leaving for his home country:

For myself personally, first of all - to gain a foothold in the composition. Getting decent playing time, but not so for 12 minutes for the game to come out. This I do not want to. I have experienced these feelings to yourself. When you do not then I would not get pleasure from the game and just sit, look and realize that nothing you can do. And you just want to enjoy hockey, play as much as possible, try to benefit first and foremost a team. To perform tasks with the team.

..and as the Province article noted above:

From about mid-December on, the Canucks had a pretty consistent top six, including Chris Tanev, Alex Edler, Luca Sbisa, Troy Stecher, Ben Hutton and Tryamkin.

They all played more than 40 games from that date on, but Tryamkin was the only one among the six to average fewer than 19 minutes a game. He was playing 16:44.

Groot wasn’t perfect of course, but he is young, improving and certainly a fan favorite (who the hell else are we going to call Groot?!) for his style of play. There was hope he’d be a blueline addition for years to come and ample opportunity for him to take a stab at landing a top four slot.

But he’ll be doing that in Russia at the expense of the Canucks who are now, despite not even playing, worse off than they were a few hours ago.

Glass half full = the door is open for someone to step in (cough Jordan cough Subban cough) and step up.

Glass half empty = we’ll never see Benn fly like this again. For that all hockey fans are losers today.