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GAME DAY PREVIEW: Canucks vs San Jose- Apr 2/17

Another game, another shutout. Could you get any more of a textbook example of how far this team has fallen than the last game? 10th time they were shutout this season and 10th straight loss at home, a franchise record. If you're still thinking there's an option to keep Willie as coach, you're wrong. And they need to look at the architects of this mess while they're at it.

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

Vancouver Canucks vs. San Jose Sharks

4:00 PM PT - Rogers Arena- Vancouver, BC

TV: SNP - Radio: TSN 1040

Thankfully, there's just 5 more games of this nonsense, and perhaps we'll see some good news later tonight as the Coyotes look to put a dagger in LA's playoff aspirations. A win by Arizona and a loss by the Canucks will move the Coyotes to within 2 points. It would be a good thing to see the Desert Dogs hurdle the Canucks as the draft lottery nears.


A couple months ago they looked like hands down favorites to win it all. Now, they're looking more like a sure thing for a first round upset. They lost a crucial game for first place in the division last night to the Oilers, and have seen a number of players go ice cold down the stretch. Brent Burns was looking like a Hart Trophy winner, now he'll be lucky if they can get to round 2 of the post season the way he and his mates are playing.

Fortunately, there's nothing better to bump a slump than a game against the Canucks, and it should help to have Jannik Hansen fired up to make his first appearance at his former home since the trade. I am sure the tribute they have planned will be great, they're quite good at these things.


So, it's pretty much status quo for today. No change in the lineup, Ryan Miller starting in goal as the Canucks wind down Willie Desjardins' career in Vancouver. I see that there's a good chunk of Canucks Twitter bitching about the media instead of this piss poor excuse for an NHL team. Yes, there's been a lot of injuries, but all teams get hurt, and your depth is supposed to make sure you don't sink when they happen. It's plain to see that healthy or not, this is not a good team no matter what lineup they ice. A lot of these guys are not NHL players, period. It's time to rebuild and not just what's on the ice. Sure, there's hope for the future, but I don't think there's enough competent minds to get it done.

Anyway, welcome back Jannik. Thanks for a decade of being a heart and soul Canuck guy. Could use a few more like you around, who had skill and talent to go along with the 'intangibles'.


Watching the Canucks is painful, so don't say I don't ever do anything for ya: Here's the Painkiller!