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Gamethread: Kings vs. Ducks

The Californian invasion continues!

NHL: Los Angeles Kings at Calgary Flames Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s feel better about ourselves for a moment! At this year’s trade deadline, there was a team that went out and acquired a 1B goaltender and a cagy veteran with oodles of playoff experience... Sounds like a great idea, in theory! Hey LA, how is this year’s playoff run looking? OUCH!

At least we understood our station in life and sold off assets instead of making additions to keep us just outside of the eighth and final spot in the post season!

The addition of Griffen Molino is another attempt by GMJB to find a diamond in the rough. I can’t really fault him for going out and adding a player to try out in the waning days of the season. Ideally, Molino gets an opportunity to audition for a spot in Utica next year where he can earn a spot in Vancouver when his play merits a call up. Worst case scenario, he’s an ECHL player for the remainder of his contract and in a couple of years we don’t remember this signing ever happening.

One day the NHL will announce their final decision on the Olympics. From everything I’ve seen and heard, the IOC has suggested that the NHL will not be part of the Beijing Olympics in 2022 if they do not attend the upcoming event in Pyeongchang. Provided that the Canucks and Kings are going to China next year, you have to believe that the NHL will eventually jump on the Olympic bandwagon and be in South Korea in February!

Go Coconuts Go!