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5 thoughts

The deadline has past and the Canucks got a little younger

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at San Jose Sharks John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

1. The end is near.

This has felt like a long season for me and even though there is a month and a half left, I can see the end. Many believe that this year’s events should happened last year, but that’s daft. I understand that this management team wanted to see what this year’s team could do up until about Jan and then decisions started to be made. It was easier to get rid of Hansen and Burrows this year. It wasn’t as easy to get rid of Hamhuis and Vrbata last year due to each player’s circumstance. The one think that kinda gets me down is knowing that the summer will be long again with no playoffs. I know this team will lose a lot of their remaining games just because there has no consistency with linemates and no special teams success.

2. Beaker and AMFB

From day 1 this year, people (including myself) were calling for these two to be traded. I’ll admit I never sat and thought how much of an effect it would have on the psyche of this team to lose both from the locker room. But this team is in the process of developing a new identity and change had to happen. I think GMJB did a fine job of getting assets and not just picks for these two guys. I have never been of stock-piling picks. Draft picks are really an unknown, whereas the two guys Benning received have extra experience and information to go with them. I just wonder if the team will try and develop character guys like Hansen and AMFB or try and bring in a vet or two in the offseason.

3. Goalies

Miller and Markstrom.….um..Bachman? I won’t get into the whole skills debacle, but it does beg the question of Markstrom’s fitness level and fragility. So tell me Canuck fans, should Miller be back next year? Demko has had an average first year in Utica and Markstrom is not a number one goalie. I guess we’re kinda stuck with him. I hope Willie doesn’t break him before the end of the year.

4. Guds

Anyone heard anything about Guds and his wrist? Me neither. And that in itself is worrying. I think this forces Guds into a show me contract with the Canucks. Short term with equal money as this year before any discussions of big money/long term come about. The Canucks really need him to develop into that stay at home, crease clearing type of guy.

5. Draft

I know it’s early to be talking about this, but the Nucks will probably be picking in the top 7 again this year. This draft class is not supposed to be as strong as last years, but it is another opportunity to get a piece for this team 3-4 years down the road. What positional weakness should be the focus of the draft or should it just be best player on the board?