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5 Thoughts on the Canucks

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10 games left in this season....get the fork ready

Vancouver Canucks v Chicago Blackhawks Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

5 thoughts


Take a long look at this roster. You may see more of this type of roster for the rest of the year and maybe next year. I’m fine with it. The new guys and the young guys are auditioning for next year. They beat Chicago. Of course, they blew a three goal before the PP and the Sedins won it. That in itself was a rarity. I saw the value of Chaput and Megna in a fast-paced, back and forth. I saw the weakness within the Canucks d-men.

2. I hope Loui heals up, but I wouldn’t be against shutting him down for the year either. I was not a fan of this signing, but que sera. Loui needs to sit down this offseason with the coaching staff (unless they get fired) and do an autopsy of his play this year. 11 goals in 65 games is hard to swallow, but he did have a similar type of year when he joined Boston. I would expect Loui/Bo get more time together next year.

3. I wonder how tired Troy Stetcher is right now. We saw Hutton wear down near the end of last year. I guess I could ask the same of Groot. This is where the Canucks miss a guy like Guds, who could slot in and eat some minutes.

4. The role of the Sedins. With Markus Granlund done for the year, I think the Sedins will be asked to take a mentor role for the last 10 games. Megna….Chaput ….Boucher…Goldobin, could all get more time with the Sedins than the Twitterati would like, but that’s the value of the Sedins. It’s hard to teach skill, but positioning and reading plays is something the Sedins excel at and can pass on. And each one of the players I named brings something to the line that the Sedins are lacking…..speed.

5. The tale of two teams and their special teams.

The St. Louis Blues and the Canucks basically have the PP opportunities, but the Blues PP is at 22.7 and the Canucks is at 14.8. That works out to 17 more PP goals for the Blues. That 17 more times that the Blues opposition had to become less aggressive with their play because they didn’t want to have another PP goal scored against them. That 17 more times the Blues were able to push play in their favor and maybe change the momentum of a game.

The Canucks are 14-9-4 when they score a PP goal. A better PP leads to more goals and more games they could have won.

I could go into the Nucks PK, but I will just say that the Nucks 10-19-4 when a team scores 1 or more PP against the Nucks.