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Gamethread: Hawks vs. Canucks

Vancouver Canucks v Chicago Blackhawks
Stop the Drought, not the puck
Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Welcome to Game Day Tuesday March something something in...Chicago. Taking the 65 point show on the road. Should be easy to pick up a few points here. If only they’d repeal the silly 3 periods of play rule.

As is the usual Hawks custom for visiting teams, the Nucks spent the day in jail preparing for the game.

Expect it to be an exciting game, since the Avs almost toppled the Western Conference leading Hawks on Sunday. That the Avs lost the game in 34 seconds of the 3rd period should give us some solace. It should. But, it doesn’t.

Marky didn’t make the trip because road food can make you sick - and it’s evident that Markstrom is allergic to food poisoning. Like so many on our team. If only the Nucks would hire some of our NM gourmands, renowned for their botulism-free meals (pretty much), as personal chefs for the players. But salary cap.

Good news is that Jack Skille will be back in the line up. Bad news is... Granlund’s name came up in the Nucks’ popular wrist surgery lottery and won’t be playing with the team. For the rest of the season. How dare he try to get 20 goals in a season when Dank only has 13 (14 and counting now - thanks, Chicago!)

Enjoy the game! (While it lasts)

Go Coconuts Go!