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GAME DAY PREVIEW: Canucks @ Chicago Mar 21/17

It was the quintessential Canucks game this season: They played well at times, but not for 60 minutes. The moment they made a mistake, the opposition made them pay. And they rewarded a fine goaltending effort with no offensive support whatsoever. DId I forget anything? Oh right, more injuries.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Vancouver Canucks vs. Chicago Blackhawks

5:30 PM PT - United Center- Chicago, IL

TV: SNP - Radio: TSN 1040

With the news that Markus Granlund is done for the season after it was determined he needs surgery to repair an injured wrist, and Jacob Markstrom being left behind as the latest victim of food poisoning, the hockey gods are making it pretty clear they're not done laying the boots to the Canucks just yet. The optimist in me looks at this season, and feels deep down the Canucks will win the draft lottery, and the new era will begin in earnest. The pessimist? A win streak is coming, and much hoohah about 'spoilers' and 'character' and 'ending the year on a positive note'.


Getting Blackhawks fatigue yet? You're not alone. They might be the league leaders in the #PleaseLikeMyTeamAndItsHorrificHumanBeingsAndOrOverratedPlayers from the fan base and their media. The latest and best example came after the Hawks embarrassed the Avalanche Sunday, when a 3-1 Avs lead evaporated into a 4-3 deficit in just 34 seconds. Yes, quite a feat. Not a record, but bravo. Yeah, the problem is that one of their media members felt that not enough of you were bowing down accordingly.

Now because it's twitter, some of the responses were misogynistic crap, but many took the time to name people they thought were a better choice. Not good enough, apparently.

When this guy responded with Sidney Crosby and added that he was a 'once-in-a-generation' talent, she doubled down with this:

Look, we get the Blackhawks are good. Toews is a great player. But Once In A Generation? He's not even the best player on your team right now, let alone in your history. This is why people tire of your team, it feels like the media forcefeeds propaganda (akin to the LA Kings and 'heavy hockey') and no matter where you turn, genuinely good stories in the game are drowned out by a need to talk about Chicago. Our rivalry may be dead, but the hatred lives on. I have some good Twitter buds who are Hawks fans, I love 'em dearly, but good god I hope your team bows out early for the sake of hockey fans everywhere. And stop playing outdoor games, you're ruining it for everyone.

Anyway, the Hawks have won something like 17 of 20, and are going to stomp a mudhole in the Canucks tonight.


Alex Biega is playing as a forward tonight.


Once just known as Entombed, now Entombed AD, they still bring the death n roll better than anyone else.