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Red Wings V Mighty Ducks
Numbers? We’ll give you numbers!

By the Numbers

164. That’s the number of points available to the Canucks (or other team) this season. In the Bettman era, the 1995-96 Detroit Red Wings came close with 131 points. If this was the mid point in the season, the Nucks would be half way there. The high flying wings went on to win the Cup. Just not that year.

82. That’s the number of points available for the Canucks (or other team) if they LOST EVERY game!!! Just as long as they lost in O/T or Skillz period.

65. The number of points the Canucks were predicted to have at season end by bitter pundits at the season start.

65. The number of points the Canucks have with 11 games remaining. Half Fullers claim the prediction was wrong. Half Emptiers say...give them time.

Little Flicker of Light in the Dark Tunnel:

Rumours coming out of the media vapour suggest we might see Brock Boeser in a Canucks jersey soon. Real soon.

For those that fear Brock wouldn’t come to Vancouver because of the high price of coffee, real estate and media scrutiny, no worries.

Although...maybe those fears aren’t misplaced....

A two way street in Vancouver’s prime sports location isn’t cheap. Buy your season tickets now - and remember to earmark them for the Brock fund.

Finally in the He Who Shall Not Be Named Department of Fan Safety:

(No, not Kes or Mess) - the other nameless one’s NHL contract finally expires next century month. We hope he would take his money and retire to a small rink in the Outback where dingos could savour his flesh expertise. But no, he wants to become a bully GM. Oh, bully!

“I’m very interested one day in becoming a GM,” Pronger told “I have a lot to learn and need to put some work in. But down the road at some point, under the right circumstances, it’s definitely something I’m interested in pursuing.”

Enjoy the rest of the week, especially with the encouraging results from the Avs/Hawks tilt on Sunday. If the Avs can beat the Hawks over two periods, we can too! Two thirds of a victory will be ours!

See you tomorrow. Maybe.