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The Morning After The Night Before - 3/14/17

Fans Gather to Watch Game Six of the NHL Stanley Cup Final
Felt like last night. The losing part
Photo by Rich Lam/Getty Images

Sean has been called away by sirens singing their 0.02% song of promise and chance. He’s easily distracted. So... I’ll be filling in with the (possibly) daily Nucks news updates.

The news is horrible. Look away now. No, really. It’s only a matter of hours before a key Canucks player is stricken with overachieveritis and Willie benches him. Or worse - plays him and the over skates to under in a single shift.

While Miller has kept the team in games, last night we needed 3 Millers and a few cases of LaBates. And then there’s the 3rd period. It was the period where instead of keeping the lead, the Nucks helped the Rat gain equal bragging rights with Sid atop the NHL scoring lead. I won’t dwell on the turnovers, the giveaways, the sheer horror of repressed 2011 PTSD flashbacks. Why?

Because, help is on the way. The best kind of help. Defence. It’s the stuff that wins champianships.

Big, Fast Jalen Chatfield signed a three-year contract with Canucks. Here’s the glorious details.

TL;DR version: The kid is a stud D. Shutdown McJesus, Laine and Mathews in juniors (chl 16 edition). The 6-10, 287-pound defenceman collected 60 goals and 127 assists in a span of 28 games with the Sault-Sainte-Marie Sled Hogs. * Adjusts Glasses * Those numbers could be slightly inflated by my keen enthusiasm for even a little trickle of good nuckle news. If you have better made-up numbers, please post them below.

In other news, the good news kind, Granlund was amazing last night and got a hattie! You can read the Comic’s recap here where he will minimise Granny’s goal total and say it was only two. But, he’d be right. And that‘s not fair, so I’m saying Markus did what the media alleges Brad did.

In case you missed it, (I did), Matt Larkin at the HockeyNews says the Sedins are getting traded!!!

At the 2018 deadline. Or not. If Matt spelt his name with the psychic power of t times 3, Mattt would reveal more tttitillating coverage.

On the Canucks coaching change front, there’s nothing to report since the last time there was nothing to report.

Finally, in the recycled bin of rusty sportynet links, Some current (and former) Canucks made number 9, 10, 11, 14 & 30 on Elliot’s list of 30 deep thoughts. There’s also some Olympic hockey rumour fluff and some unfortunate sipping-up of Cowtown’s beer festival on rails turnaround.

That’s all I got for today. Oh...wait. One more thing. We have two days off from the Nucks (current) home loss streak. Which means the Nucks can keep their excellent 500 home record intact until at least Thursday. Unless the league decides to deduct team points by the number of players who contracted the mumps in a season.

See you tomorrow. (Maybe)