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Gamethread: Bruins vs. Canucks

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It’s not 2011, but we still don’t care for them

NHL: Boston Bruins at Los Angeles Kings
Everyone’s favorite pest comes to visit
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Oh joy, we get to see the Rat Brad Marchand play tonight. He’s scored a lot of goals this year and is a real threat when the puck is on his stick (he’s also a real threat when he doesn’t have the puck but I’ll stop bashing him now).

The Canucks have been busy this week with NCAA hockey winding down and the CHL undrafted Free Agents signing contracts. We’ve signed Zach MacEwen (Gatineau-QMJHL), Jalen Chatfield (Windsor-OHL), and are rumored to be interested in a couple of the top NCAA free agents. It was also learned that Adam Gaudette would be returning to Northeastern for another season. Rumblings from Elliotte Friedman this weekend suggest that the Golden Boy Brock Boeser is turning pro this year to use the first year of his ELC.

But most importantly, we play the Bruins tonight! They are fighting for the playoffs and we’re trying to stay in reach. Expect a strong outing from both teams tonight!

Go Coconuts Go!