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The Morning After The Night Before - 3/1/17

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NHL: Detroit Red Wings at Vancouver Canucks Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, Canucks fans. It was another wild night for the team as they lost to the Red Wings in overtime AND traded away Jannik Hansen to the Sharks, almost simultaneously. We’ve still got a couple hours to see if Jim Benning has anymore tricks up his sleeve.

  • The trade was the big news of the night, but there still was a hockey game. Vancouver fought tough and got a point, but lost to the Red Wings in overtime.
  • And unless you've been living under a rock for the past 12 hours, you're now well aware that the Canucks have traded Jannik Hansen to the San Jose Sharks in exchange for Nikolay Goldobin and a conditional fourth round pick.
  • The rebuild has finally begun in Vancouver as the Canucks have shipped off two veterans for two young prospects.
  • In trading Alex Burrows and Jannik Hansen, Ian MacIntyre of the Vancouver Sun believes the Canucks gained talent, but also lost the heart of the team.
  • And mostly because I couldn't tell if the first paragraph was real or satire, here’s a hot take on how the Canucks should have been buyers at the trade deadline. Yes, he really does say that the Canucks trading Cory Schneider for the pick that would be Bo Horvat is one of the worst deals ever.