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2017 NHL Trading Deadline- Jimbo's Er... Revenge?

Okay that may be overselling it a tad, but so far Jim Benning has been looking rather like a competent GM, making deals that brought in prospects for Alex Burrows and Jannik Hansen. What will happen next? Grab some coffee and join us, won't you?

Yeah I know, but I am really happy for Reid Boucher this morning...
Yeah I know, but I am really happy for Reid Boucher this morning...
Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

It started Monday with a deal we knew had to be coming at some point, but still took the wind out of Canuck Nation: Alexandre Burrows getting shipped out to Ottawa for Jonathan Dahlen. Then last night, Jannik Hansen gets pulled from the lineup right before puck drop, and late in the game the news breaks that he's heading to the San Jose Sharks, and in return the Canucks receive Nikolay Goldobin and a conditional 4th round pick (that becomes a first if the Sharks win the Cup) in the 2017 draft.

Is the rebuild on, for real this time? It certainly looks like it. The Canucks are getting younger, and with Jim Benning stating they're not done yet, I say bring it on. All Hail The New Flesh! Now if he can just sucker make a deal with a team for Ryan Miller, the rebuild can begin in earnest, and we can start genuinely looking to a new age, thankful to warriors like Burrows and Hansen who provided some incredible memories in their time with Vancouver, and thankful that they allowed themselves to be moved on and let the team be reborn.

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