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Brendan Gaunce sent down to Utica

This move shows the divide between the eye test and advanced stats.

NHL: Colorado Avalanche at Vancouver Canucks
Take a seat Utica
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I guess the pool over when Gaunce will score his next goal will have to stop for awhile, as he was sent down today to Utica.

This move has already sent ripples throughout twitterlandia as the adv stats crew really believe that Megna should have been sent down instead.

I could keep going with these tweets and most of them seem to be from J.D. Burke at Canucks Army.

In a perfect world the Nucks wouldn’t nee either one of these guys, but Gaunce has lost something this year. I think the change of roles (scorer to checking line) has really fucked up his confidence. Pulling out Corsi stats for a guy who has only taken 36 shots this year seems skewed. And then to compare him to a guy who has scored 3 goals on 39 shots (Megna) and saw Gaunce is better, seems kind of weak. They both suck. It’s just that Megna can move and down the line up and shown he can score.

Has this year been fair to Gaunce, no. He went from not scoring with the Sedins last year for a span of games to not scoring on the 4th line. At least he is consistent.