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Gamethread: Red Wings vs. Canucks

The beginning of the post-Burrows era #sadface

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at Calgary Flames Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight we have the first game since the Burrows to Ottawa trade. It’s a sad moment for all Canucks fans, but we will carry on because WE ARE ALL CANUCKS!

I’ve spent the entire day in my car listening to NHL radio on XM (okay I listened to the Fan960 until it faded out). General consensus from that network was that the Senators lost the trade because there’s a chance that Ulf Dahlen’s kid could maybe be an NHL player and Burrows isn’t worth 2.5M in salary moving forward. Obviously these guys don’t know anything... Burrows is worth 2.5M as a penalty killer and locker room guy alone! If he does anything else, they get have made out well! Of course, we hope that Jonathan Dahlen becomes a 10+ year Canuck, but time will sort that out!

For Detroit, they have been deemed BIG winners for moving 28 year old defenseman (and pending UFA) Brendan Smith to the Rangers for a Second and Third round pick.

It was also mentioned that this game wasn’t worth staying up late for... let’s hope the boys heard this and put on one heck of a show tonight!

Go Coconuts Go!