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Thank You For Everything, Burrows!

I bet that you cannot count more than 5 Canucks fans that you know personally that don't like Alex Burrows. Is there any other more-loved Canuck in their recent era? More fans like Burr than the Sedins even is my guess. He could do it all, which is why we called him "Mr. Everything." He could score, pass, hit, check, bitch, bite and verbally attack, all while at even strength, on the power play and short handed..regular season and playoffs.

One of the most hated players in the NHL and that, whether you like it or not is a compliment.  Ottawa's GM said yesterday that players were thanking and even hugging him for acquiring Burr.  (By the way, how about the shit-disturbing factor in Ottawa with Burr-Neil-Phaneuf??!) I'll be watching the Sens more now.

Burrows is a beauty rags to riches story in the NHL.  He was a ball hockey player that never even made the NHL draft. He was signed as a free agent out of the ECHL by Dave Nonis. Between the 2008-9 and 2011-12 Alex scored a minimum of 26 goals and 22 assists. He did much of that while playing with Ryan Kesler and the Sedins, where he was the best fit since Anson Carter. No player has since been a staple with the Twins for that long and as Lingyis has pointed out:

His low cap hit was a huge reason we could add players like Malhotra and Hamhuis.

Here are some video tributes/clips of Mr. Everything:

What a beauty. No Canuck since Trevor Linden has had more of an influential trademark on the team when it comes to playoff heroism.

Thanks for everything Alex! We will miss you!