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Gamethread: Sharks vs. Canucks

The beards are coming!

NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-St. Louis Blues at San Jose Sharks John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s be honest, the Sharks have some of the best beards in the National Hockey League... and they are pretty good at hockey for added measure. There might be something to the idea of changing their identity while being competitive if you look at the Sharks over the past 5 seasons where they have transitioned from a team led by Jumbo Joe Thornton and Patrick Marleau to a team lead by Logan Couture, Joe Pavelski and Brent Burns. The situations aren’t exactly the same, but the Sharks have found a way to continuously be competitive while restocking their minors.

Hopefully the All-star break was a time for players to rest and prepare for the gauntlet of games ahead. We know that our All-Star, Bo Horvat used the break to show the NHL that he has the value of the goaltender that we traded away to get him (you know, what’s his name... Cody something wasn’t it?).

The Canucks have been both Beauty and the Beast this season, but have more or less lived up to the expectation of ‘being competitive every night’. With a few blips of awful, but every team has those nights (Hello Montreal and the 10 goals given up a while back).

The uphill climb to the playoffs starts tonight, bring it boys!

Go Coconuts go!