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5 thoughts on the Canucks

February is here...time to get going.

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at Colorado Avalanche Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

5 thoughts on the Canucks

1. Bo bO Bo….NHL all star Bo Horvat. Future captain and 1st line center? Sure why not. How much do you think Bo will cost the Canucks? Ryan Biech did a fantastic job over at Canucks Army analyzing this question here.

I know I can’t do better than that when it comes to looking at comparables.

Maybe the phrase should be, “How much will Benning give to Horvat?” Bo is on his way to 50+ points this year, which might lead the team by the end of the year as well. Talk about timing.

So what kind of contract do you give a 21 year old kid? Bo has shown quite a lot to stick him with a “show me” contract. But I think it comes down to 2 types of contracts, a 4 year contract that goes to beginning of Bo’s UFA time. Or a longer 7-8 contract that cuts into the first few years of Bo’s free agent years.

Does the amount really matter at this point? We know it will be higher than Sbisa…..higher the Tanev….right?

2. P word.

Spots 6-12 in the conference are only separated by 4 points. I’m not sure the Canucks are a playoff team, but my opinion is moot if the rest of the conference continues to be as inconsistent as the Canucks. I guess it will come down to the health of this team and special teams. But again, what the hell do I know as this team has lost key members for periods of time and still has a chance. I would then say that special teams need to step up….but they have been below average all year and the Nucks can still make the playoffs.

3. Trades.

What trades?

If Benning/Linden stick to the plan of not asking vets with NMC if they’ll move, then the realistic options for any trades comes down to Tanev, Guds and Hutton. Will Guds be healthy by March 1st? Is it worth it to trade young defense for a second line scorer this year? I hear we have a guy in college that might be able to fill that spot next year. I have been vocal in saying that Tanev is the guy to trade if Edler isn’t going anywhere. Tanev’s NMC kicks in next year. But I also recognize that the defense is better when Tanev is there. I just wish he could play 75+games a year.

So maybe we go another year and not make any trades. I can live with that.

4. Next year’s other contracts

The Nucks have 14 players and $55 million under contract for next year already. I wouldn’t expect too much of an increase in the salary cap. There are only 2 contracts that are “musts”, Horvat and Tryamkin. But together that might cost $7 million/yr between the two. That leaves $11 million to sign a goalie, a defenseman and six or seven forwards. This might kill the whole one more year of Miller narrative as he won’t take a $2 million decrease in salary…would he?

***edit The Nucks actually have 15 players at $57.7 million....Thanks OBAMA...I mean Dorsett.

5. NM community

This thought has to do more with us as a community than the team itself. I haven’t been around as much as I have in past year as life does get in the way of watching grown men play a kids game. I will try to make a better effort for the last few months. I hope more of lurkers start typing and interacting with our group of hard-headed know it alls.