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Top 10 Daniel Sedin Moments

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The winger has given Canucks fans 17 years of magical moments

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at Calgary Flames
Nov 7, 2017; Calgary, Alberta, CAN; Vancouver Canucks left wing Daniel Sedin (22) during the third period against the Calgary Flames at Scotiabank Saddledome. Vancouver Canucks won 5-3.
Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

Thursday, Nov. 30th should be a day that Vancouver Canucks fans never forget.

On Thursday, we all witnessed history.

When Daniel Sedin potted a game-tying goal in the third period against the Nashville Predators, he registered his 1,000 career-point. It was a moment that should not be under-celebrated or undervalued.

Yes, we saw a Sedin hit this milestone not too long ago, and Henrik was able to do it in dramatic fashion. Daniel’s wasn’t quite as dramatic, but it did come in a clutch moment, and it also came in a Canucks win.

This historic moment is something so special for this franchise. There won’t be another moment like this in Canucks history, or even NHL history, when two brothers (twins, no less) score 1,000 points a piece with the same NHL team.

I think this is why so many people wanted to see Daniel get his 1,000th point versus the Toronto Maple Leafs. One of the reasons why the Sedins have been undervalued league-wide is because they play out West, far away from many hockey epicentres in the Eastern Conference.

If Daniel was able to do it against the Leafs, perhaps he would have earn some of that long-deserved respect that him and his brother should easily get from the rest of the NHL.

These guys, in my albeit biased opinion, are first-ballot hall of famers. Winning the Stanley Cup is not the benchmark for making the Hall of Fame, and we just saw that with a player like Paul Kariya last year.

What the Sedins have done in the NHL throughout their careers is absolutely incredible. We’ve never seen two players with such innate chemistry move the puck around the ice with ease. Their ability to make something out of nothing, make plays in tight spaces, and pass the puck around like a string on a stick has been a treat to watch for the last 17 years.

That’s why Thursday night was so special. While some might believe it’s time for the Sedins to retire, it will be a huge loss from an entertainment perspective. The Sedins have helped the Canucks morph into an entertaining and respectable team for the better part of the 21st century.

They aren’t necessarily done yet either. The Alex Edler goal against the Leafs on Saturday came after another classic Sedin shift.

There are almost too many magical Sedin moments to choose from. Surely, your list will be different that mine, but here are some of the most memorable Daniel Sedin moments in my mind. Let us know which other ones stand out to you.

First goal

Daniel’s 1,000th point was a game-tying goal in the third period. Ironically, his first career goal followed a similar script.

First playoff goal

Rocking the classic JOFA helmets, Daniel buries his first career playoff goal against Patrick Roy.

Sedin spinorama

Does it get any better than this?

Four-goal game

This was Daniel Sedin’s first four-goal game of his career, and his hat trick goal was a thing of absolute beauty.

Drop pass goal to Brad Lukowich

If a guy like Brad Lukowich is going to score, you know that a Sedin is probably going to be involved. I wanted to include this one because although Henrik gets a lot of credit for being a set-up man, Daniel has set up many beautiful goals as well.

Between the legs

This will probably go as the most eye-popping goal ever scored by a Sedin twin. It’s always good to see the usually calm Sedins celebrate a goal with some emotion, and we get the Sedin headbang after this beaut.

2011 versus Chicago

There wasn’t necessarily one moment that stands out here, but people forget just how good Daniel Sedin was in this series against Chicago. Alex Burrows will always go down as the dragon slayer, but Daniel buried five goals in this seven game series, showing that he wanted to beat the Blackhawks just as bad as any Canuck on that team.

Daniel becomes franchise leader in overtime winners

Of course, the goal came against the Chicago Blackhawks.

‘Thug Life’ Daniel versus Panthers

With the Sedins NHL career coming to a close, it looks like they aren’t in the mood to take shit from anyone. That was evident after Daniel’s overtime winner against the Florida Panthers, when Daniel gave the bench a fly-by after scoring the game-winner.

1000 points

You can almost see the baton being passed with this game-tying goal from Daniel. Brock Boeser is the first to embrace him after the historic moment, and he is primed to become the next top scoring winger for the Canucks.