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Gamethread: Vancouver vs Calgary

The Canucks start their western road trip in Calgary versus the Flames.

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

So, let’s forget last night and move on….

If I was to ask you in September, "Would you be happy with a .500 Canucks team after 14 games?" how many of you would have said yes? The ones that say no are the ones that want the team to tank again. The Canucks have over-achieved in my books due to the simple fact they have been competitive almost every game. I know losing with less than 2 minutes is a kick in the balls, but coming back from 2-0 down was a good step for this team. Getting a goal from a Sedin and a defenseman was a good step.

The Flames come into tonight with a mediocre record. They have the same amount of points as the Canucks but they must be disappointed with their results so far. Most teams who aren’t leading their division are probably disappointed with their season. (Not us though…right!)

Let’s hope the road can get the Nucks back on their winning ways.

So, Gaunce goal watch 2017 continues. We should start a pool on when/if Gaunce scores. I say 2018.

Go Coconuts Go!