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Nucks Score 2 late and play for the tie. Wings stuck in alternate NHL Hell

There’s two ways this game went. Only one way is better than the other

NHL: Detroit Red Wings at Vancouver Canucks
Dog Pile Hockey. Refs bullying the Nucks again
Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports about that incredible game last Saturday where Brock got his first hattie against the Pens? Almost want to recap that game again. You want it too. Admit it.

Who amongst us really like Monday night football hockey anyhow? We knew on the weekend it was better to just end the homestand early and get out on the road and gloat. This Monday night game was just too emotionally close to that 1st line breakout euphoria, even if we won by a snow slide - which we did. Pretty much.

But, the NHL schedulers still hate the Nucks and by extension their fans. So whether we wanted to get an early start to the road trip or not, the league forced a Monday night game at home on us. Fine. Play the stupid game. Doesn’t mean we have to like it. Could have just left the MONSTER trucks from Sunday night on the ice - might have helped the passing. The ice sure wasn’t.

1st Period

It was dull. And boring. Wings road jerseys are the same. Why even play this mean nothing game? We’re on the tracks of Westy Destiny, enjoying our 1st line ride to the top of the Pacific. So..the mean nothing hockey continued, until our old nemesis friend Softie looked over Marky’s 5’6” shoulder frame and took the helm shot into the net.

Sure, it didn’t go over Marky’s shoulder, but I’m in a pissy mood just having to write a recap about a game that no one wanted.

So...down a goal in the first isn’t the worst. That comes later.

2nd Period

Same as the first. But worse. Those boring Wings road jerseys are very good at blocking shots. When opposing players block our shots it’s...just... boring. But, it gets worse.

Remember last Saturday we took a penalty and the Pens scored? Not a big deal then. It is now. Dammit. And worse. It was Brock who took a tripping penalty. I do not like the metaphorical optics of it. Not at all. Anyhow, it’s a meaningless Monday game. With a meaningless Detroit power play goal. Or so one version of reality says...Frk! Which is short for Frikittie Frik Frak! It was a goal that should have been called back because of goalie interference. And wasn’t. And was. A divergent thread in the delicate fabric of reality begins to unravel.

Remember last Saturday when we were jumping around on the couch going boeserk? Just keep the happy vibe...the comeback kids are coming back soon.

3rd Period

Same as the second. But better. And worse. Those boring Wings road jerseys are really annoying now. There’s no way we let a goalie on a former team from the west get a shutout. No! Who ya gonna call? The Sedins? The Sedins. Yes, playing the comeback cycle we want the best cyclers out there.

Only down one with half a period to go. We can do this. Or at least Del Zotto can. With a Zotting great move from a Boriffic pass from Bo. Boom!

Tied at 2. And that’s the way it stayed. For all time. And the overtime after that. One reality entered the garage and two left. Actually only one left. The other is still there.

Reality #1:

It’s all tied up and the pushback kids are playing for a point or more. But then during a play with less time on the clock than my remaining sanity, an uncalled tripping penalty by Tartar led to Tartar scoring, allegedly, the game winner.

To be clear. They only lost in Reality #1. There’s the other realities.

Reality #2:

It’s all tied up at the end of regulation. How do we know that? Because the NHL’s own official website tells us.

Yes they are. And the Wings will be caught in the endless overtime period until we say it’s over. And we ain’t saying anything - we’re feeling real quiet just now.

No 2nd Period Wings PP Goal. Didn’t happen. #FakePeriod

Pick Your Reality

It’s a Monday game. You can pick the reality of your own choosing. Me? I’m enjoying picking up the bonus point and moving on up the road trip aboard the neverland express.

Green has picked his own reality. And he’s pissed off about it. Me too.

(Semi-)final stats from the game. It was a game that could have gone either way. And did. Moving on. Have your boarding passes ready...

It’s on the rails over the mountains to the cowtown corral. Back-to-back games to start the road trip is always fun. Expect our heroes of the Westiny Destiny will be pretty ticked off and ready to wreak their revenge on the Calgary Wings Flames.

Happy Tuesday everyone! With a matching happier Tuesday night!