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Canucks get a point out of the Rangers, then let them win the shooutout.

Canucks continue to get points on the road.

Vancouver Canucks v New York Rangers Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

The Canucks are a team of destiny. I predicted a Stanley Cup for this year. I did. Shut up.

The Canucks and the Rangers have a history of Stanley Cup, coaches and players. They also had to play each other today in a morning game for people in Vancouver. I’m sure some of you have a hangover and couldn’t watch, or you decided to watch some football game.

Here is a lazy Sunday recap.

No Guds…No Sutter. They must have been tired from their names being pounded continually in the media and internet since day one.

Jake got the start on the “checking line”. It has to be called that since Gaunce is on it.

1st Period

This was the only goal of the period. Loui and the Sedins have played some good hockey together in the past and I like this trio for the simple fact it gets Jake some linemates that are a little quicker. But speed wasn’t need for this goal as the Swedes know how to move away from the puck to get into position to score.

It’s good to see Loui putting up more points consistently and it takes some pressure of Bo/Sven/Brock’s line to score.

2nd Period

The second period started off like the first, with the Canucks controlling the neutral zone and forechecking hard in the Rangers end. And when you continuously keep pressure on a defense they are bound to cough up the puck a few times

Did you see the craziness that Twitter when Jake put the puck in the net? The amount of I told you so’s directed at Green…Benning..Linden…your mom was astronomical. For the record…for the hundredth time, I don’t think the issue with Jake has been his ability to shoot. Jake’s defensive awareness needs to improve and having him play with the Sedins and now on the checking line will hopefully improve that area. Again, Jake ended up with the lowest overall ice-time on the team. There are just better players at this point that get PP and PK time. I think when Jake starts showing “it” at practice and impressing Green in his own end, he will get some special teams time.

The Rangers looked like a beaten team until about 5 minutes left in the second period. AV must have used his death stare to get them moving.

So many issues with this goal. Horvat getting beaten by Fast one on one….Edler thinking he is a Swedish goalie as well. This goal woke the Rangers up.

3rd period.

I’m not sure what to make of Markstrom. He reminds me of a taller Lu as he lets in one softie a game which means shutouts are hard to come by. That’s where the similarity ends though, as Marky has a couple inches on Lu and yet he lets in so many goals over his shoulders you would think he was Richard Brodeur’s height. Also…someone check his glove for holes.

You know what I like about the Canucks this year, they have that ability to come back hard and score goals to bring them back to life. The momentum at this point was fully in New York’s favor and so when Sam Gagner scores, it …well…made me scream “yes” a little at the screen.

The Rangers have some good players. They should have a better record than they do. And when you have really good players they can make really good plays. Really? Yes. I refuse to show you that goal though. Instead you get this.


Canucks got a point!!! We win!!

Nothing happened here except Jake never touched the ice. I know this because I watched the game and Twitter repeatedly said Jake wasn’t playing.


Hey everyone…the Canucks got to the shootout.

Highlights…Brock and Sven scored nice goals.

Marky’s glove hand is bad. I could a whole post on how bad it is….I think I have already.

Canucks get a point in MSG and make the long trip to play the Islanders on Tuesday.

The road to the Cup continues.

I also completed the mighty Preview-Gamethread-Recap hat trick today. Time for beer.