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Preview/Gamethread: Canucks vs Devils

Can the Canucks keep up winning ways on the east coast vs the Devils? Sure...why not.

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

When we last left our team, they were laying waste to the teams of Pennsylvania. I almost think a team of Quakers or Amish would have fought harder. I'm going to get phone calls over that comment, won't I? Of course not from the Amish, as they have no phones.

Anyways, the Canucks move on to New Jersey, which is really New York's dumping grounds. I guess I shouldn't that this year as the Devils are second in their division and have learned to score goals. Of course, when you start to open up the neutral zone to score goals you might get scored upon. The Devils allow the third most shots a game and let the combo of Schneider/Kincaid try and stop them. It seems to work most nights.

The Canucks on the road are a beautiful thing to watch and I hope someone rings Taylor Hall's bell. I know that was uncalled for but I still remember Hall's hit hit on Philip Larsen last year.

Go Canucks Go!