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Nucks Pen Down the Pens WIN 5-2 (Again)

Different City - Same Result - Brock scores 2 - Nucks on 3 2 game win streak!

Vancouver Canucks v Pittsburgh Penguins
Murray’s Brockmare continues - over 40% of Brock’s goal have been scored on Matt Murray
Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images

We’ve seen it ourselves. Terrible back-to-back games on the road. What we haven’t seen in over a decade is a rookie scoring sensation Bureing his chances early and often.

While the Westy Destiny Playbook probably predicts this phenom, did we mere NMers expect that by quarter of the season the Nucks would have as many points as the defending champs? Taking the season series from them 2-0? And doing it with a sharp shooting marvel comic hero style?

Of course, we did. Pretty much.

If you read last game’s recap, you know how this one ends - Brockster gets 2 goals and the Nucks win the game on the road. SOP in the eastern provinces in this surprising season of unexpected glimpses of future brilliance.

Unlike the filling in Philly, this game starts with a new twist.

1st Period

A Canucks lead. On a superlative snipe close in by Matt Murray’s super best friend. Might be a one-sided friendship tho - goalies have no friends on opposing teams - only degrees of dread.

Brock has scored more goals (5) on Murray than any other single goalie this season. So far. Matt is thrilled there’s no more Nucks/Pens games this season. Brock will be looking to find other super best friends on other team’s non-stoppers - because he loves to shoot. And he shoots to score.

I was a little worried about that collision with the boards after the goal. But Brock shook it off and went on to shakeup Matt again later.

But, first - let’s finish the first. With a lead. As is the generous Nucks way, they allowed the Pens a PP goal to keep the interest in the rink. But, not the lead.

Kessel, in his own end, had a bad dangle into Edler’s Crosby’s broken stick and left the puck for Vaneck who put a shot on goal and the rebound became a goal from Loui (2nd in as many nights).

Keep your stick on the ice, kids - but never leave your stick on the ice. - Uncle Grapes

Kessel looked so miffed after - prolly had a talk with Sid about cleaning up after himself. Maybe when Edler retires he could work as a busted stick consultant - in a piecework position.

With that little shattered shaft of serendipitous stickwork the 1st ends how it was meant to. The Nucks in the lead.

2nd Period

Welcome back to the Happy Period. As I noted last game, the 2nd period is the Canucks fav winning storage container when they’re looking to put a game away.

Did this happen on the power play? Correct. Just barely tho. Yet the power of many sticks makes quick work of all your game winning storage needs.

And who knows better where to store the GWG in Pittsburgh than Pouliot.

I liked Pedan’s grit, but we totally won that trade. How many goals have Pedan scored for us this season? Uh-huh - zero. That’s why.

Mid 2nd and it’s 3-1 Canucks. Game is safely put away. Or is it?

What is better when putting a game away than storing it on a shelf beyond the reach of your opponent’s probably illegal, but fragile sticks?

Having your own rookie phenom perform an eerie ‘Ovi on the PP’ tribute. Do we call that shot the Brocket?

Even in slo mo it’s almost too fast to see. Or stop. Matty’s super best friend has helped morph the league’s most wimpy power play into a speeding transporter of potent game hauling wins.

Another game with a 67% success rate on the new improv group PP. The Sedins hyno-passing and Brock’s rocket was fun to watch.

Having an effective power play can help you win road games. Who knew?

3rd Period

Won’t whine about the game already being packed up and put away in the visitor’s storage locker in the previous period. We get to watch the Penguins own purty pretty power play get a goal - while we get to sip more freshly squeezed Penguin tears, since Nilsson sealed the deal despite the Pen-ding pressure.

And we get to finally see Gaunce score a goal, even if it was a EN version. But it wasn’t. Some will say, that Gaunce had the chance but unselfishly passed to Sutter so he could pad his points total. Some will say it’s only a matter of time when our G-man has a non-zero G-total. Some say his A-total is all we need to count. And that was 1 tonight. He was also very good on the PK.

I promised some fresh Penguin tears and another strong road game - done. Both our goalies have been solid and Gagner, Vanek and Eriksson are starting to contribute which is good. Takes some pressure off the Beautiful Beasts line. But the brilliant shine is all the Flow tho.

We haven’t seen a rookie start like this a Nucks jersey in a very long time.


More Wow!

What a special talent. If Brock can keep this up, next season his mom might be able to give up another job. A great guy with a great shot wrapped in a great story.

That’s 100% success on the NVL express trip to the far east of the league so far. Those who hoarded boarding passes in October, might make a tidy profit soon. Friday we be rolling into Jersey for some devil non-worship.

Again, game start is a devilish time of the day for us working out west to keep the lights on in the 3rd class car. Never mind. The Neverland Express is steaming happy into tomorrow. And the next day.