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The Canucks are coming back down to Earth. Let’s hope it’s a short fall.

NHL: New Jersey Devils at Vancouver Canucks Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

I hate to burst the positive’s Canuck fan bubble, but they have lost two in a row. If you’re a fan that just wants to have a competitive team then carry on….this team has looked like it could win every night. They certainly ran into two very good goalies in Bishop and Schneider. The issue with the Canucks is one we all knew was going to happen….lack of goal scoring. Sure, DD and Boeser have helped us to forget the issue for a few games but we need only look to Daniel Sedin, Markus Granlund, and Brandon Sutter to see that goal scoring is a problem.

We didn’t do a recap for last night’s game, but here it is.

Did you envision that ending?

1. Beggsy wrote an article this week about McCann and Guds. There has been a lot of talk on the Twitter about Guds and his play. I still think talk about winning a trade is great for clicks but in reality a colossal waste of time. McCann was drafted to do one thing and he ticked off management and coaching so much that he was traded. Guds was brought in to do another thing, got injured for most of last year. Now Guds has been asked to eat more minutes because Edler and Stetcher are out. Guds has never been offensive oriented and his Corsi shows this. I also have to a bone to pick with guys using Corsi or Corsi relative tgo show how “bad” Guds is. Those stats are actually based on 5 guys on the ice and not one and yet each player carried the weight of his linemates with these stats. Give the guy a fucking break.

2. Our rookie and savior Brock Boeser better go to a dermatologist and ask how he can grow thicker skin. While it’s all love and roses with him right now, the fickle fans of Vancouver will turn on him eventually. I hope he has forsaken the internet and t.v. to keep his sanity. And he will go through some rough patches this year. It’s unfortunate that Boeser came in at this time of Canuck history. There is such a demand by Canuck fans to have a superstar to fill the void of the old Sedins…Kesler and Lu that fans are willing thrust the young kids into the fire. I hope Green puts him in the skybox every once in a while, just to rest his body.

3. And while we jump to the topic of Green, lines and objectives, I wonder what is the real goal of this season for the new head coach. If asked 100 times by all types of media, I am sure the answer is playoffs. Of course, you say playoffs. I’m not sure the entitled masses of the Lower Mainland would be able to hear, “We don’t plan on playoffs. We hope to get our young kids enough ice time to have them develop into our system and if we win, great.” And let’s keep the honesty thing going, we don’t have any stars on this team to carry this team. It will truly take a team effort on a nightly basis for this team to be near a playoff spot in April.

4. For the Canuck fans that in Vancouver, I have a question. Have you or are you willing to go to a game(s) this year? The topic of ticket prices came up on the Twitterverse last game as well. There were a lot of empty seats for a team that is winning. So why aren’t people going? Ticket prices are not as expensive as they were and there seems to be tickets available on websites for every game. I do believe in past years that the team priced out a lot of people, especially families. I don’t live in Vancouver (or Canada for that matter) and I’m not sure how the team is marketing itself.

5. Finally, let’s talk about the Sedins. I’m not sure we can say they are snakebit. I think more than one snake has hit them. If this team has any shot at being near that number eight spot in April, the Sedins are going to have to start scoring.