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Canucks Defeat Blues 4-2 - Refs Decide Otherwise

Nucks outscore Blues and Lose. That’s why they call it the Blues

NHL: St. Louis Blues at Vancouver Canucks
Scrum Ensues After Disallowed Nucks Goal
Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

This was a pretty good game. And could have been better if the refs didn’t have numerical perception disorders at key moments. Although at another key moment they had hawk-like vision. Interesting. But, it’s obvious the refs don’t want to interfere with the outcome of the game - like not calling a penalty when Double D is taken down late in the 3rd in a tie game.

A tie game that if the refs could actually perform their tasks competently and dispassionately, would not likely have been a tie game. But, a Canucks fan complaining about NHL officiating is like complaining about the rain in Vancouver. Shouting and waving a fist at the clouds is more effective.

In case you missed the pregame hype up, this game was against the most boring dynamic team in the West coached by Ken Mike Keenan Yeo, the St Lois Blues. The Blues were once a 2 point game feast in the good old days. The more recent seasons, not so much. They are the leading team in the West. I’m not making it up. No one knows how they got there. They have some good young players, but we still hate Backass, even if he moved to a more brown team. Do you want more background info on this team? Me neither.

Let’s get on with the game. That’s already over. And the Canucks won. Thanks for reading.

The Neverland Express Pre/Post Game Warp-up - on the NVL pre & post happen at once. Timesaver.

1st Period

You might have wondered when the Blues came out strong that we’d witness the Nucks special play-from-behind tactic for the 50th 5th time in the last few Nucks games. It was looking a little scary, despite my certitude that the blue streak would be stopped tonight. But by half way through the nail-biting period, our new Boest hero did what he likes to do - score goals!

How sweet. What a snipe! Nucks have the lead in the first for the first time in so long I can’t count.

And neither can NHL officials. Instead of getting some momentum going into the 2nd, the Nucks and more importantly us fans got robbed by the refs. Real bad. On this line change play with almost two full lines on the ice for St Lois, Parayko gets a free breakaway goal.

And thus began the night of the living meddling refs. Anyhow, the period ended with the Canucks leading 1-0. Or in NHL parlance, tied 1-1.

2nd Period

Fine. Being tied with the best team in the west going into the 2nd ain’t too bad, even if it was a travesty of officiating that made the tie possible. Great teams make their own luck. Blah blah blah... We’re just trying hard to be a good team. Doesn’t that deserve a little good luck too?

No matter. It’s the 2nd period. All your seconds belong to us!

Because we’re so good on seconds, Hutton decided to give the Nucks a little advantage and cleared the puck out of the zone, over the glass to the moon. Funny, the refs saw that easily - it’s such a tiny little black rubber thing. So Hutton goes to the box for the 1st of 2 times for a clearing too far.

The crack (I’m cracking myself up!) Blues power play goes to work. All in the zone. And well...rebounds suck. Yet Eriksson likes them. He takes off up ice on a 3 on 1. Makes a sweet pass to Granny, who has waited a long time to score, so can easily out wait Allen and squirts a shot 5 hole. Yay! Lead restored.

Not sure why the refs didn’t call the goal off for too few men on the ice, but they didn’t. Granny’s shortie is good.

Then the Blues captain, channelling his inner Backes, high sticks Sutter. Gets a double minor. Now the skate is on the other sin bin. The Nucks crack (still giggling) power play goes to work. And if you can believe me or the NHL, SCORES!

A 2 goal lead! Yay! Take that best in the west. We can beat you. Especially when the Nucks can pad the lead with another goal.

So they did. After a scramble and scrum in front of the Blues net, the Nucks score. Yay! It’s 4-1. Game over St Lois.

Or is it? The same refs that can’t notice 4 extra bodies on the ice can easily spot a brief gloving of a puck by a Blues player when surrounded by a group of josling, stick waving players. How nice. Goal is called off. And Blues penalty is called on. FFS!

Anyhow the 2nd ended 4-0 for the Nucks. The Official NHL version is Sobotka got a goal for the Blues so... 3-2 Nucks. Who do you want to believe, me and your own eyes or some game-meddling league?

3rd Period

The Nucks gave up a goal in the second and were robbed of a 4th goal in the second. Sounds fair - from a more detached point of view than I can muster.

And guess what. The Blues put on the pressure, they have some tough players that can do that. Damn it. And they tie up the game. And just to finish up their immaculate record of missed calls, the refs don’t call a penalty when Double D gets dragged down in the slot.

The period ends in a tie. A tie! Using my special raincoast math the score is 4-2. The NHL ‘enhanced’ tally is 3-3. FFS!

So there’s an OT period. It’s a #FakePeriod. Shouldn’t have happened. And Schenn shouldn’t have scored. So... the official league story is that the Blues won 4-3 in OT. And some say that I make stuff up!

Anyhow, for a little pick-me-up, let’s have a sneak peek at our future prospect that is lighting it up in Sweden.

Ah...something to look forward to.

We salvage a point from the greedy little hands of the puck luck gods - who often are seen sporting snappy stripes. The Nucks played really good most of the game. The 3rd was a little shakey, but to be expected when you know you’re playing against the best in the west and the ice whistle zebras.

Our D was having a few ‘issues’ tonight. Rumour is Tanev and Stecher will be back on the road ice next week. Not saying we’ve missed Tanev, but gawd... we’ve missed Tanev.

Everyone played hard. It was good to see Virt back with the Twins. They had a couple shifts that were very dangerous. Hope Green lets him play some more.

And here he is... saying just that...(to my special ears)

At the quarterish point in the season the stats are:

  • 22nd power play with 16.2%
  • 20th penalty kill with 79.5%
  • 23rd point percentage with .525
  • 6th fewest shots allowed per game with 30.2
  • 4th in the Pacific
  • 9th in the West

Not horrible. But not quite good enough for... you know...the Westy Destiny path of Enlightenment.

Oh well...This meh mini-home stand is out of the way. It’s back on the Neverland Express to the eastern provinces. Where they hockey in the afternoon, so plan your tea time accordingly.

Enjoy the rest of your miserable weekend and get ready for a winning Tuesday!