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Victory Gambled Away - Nucks Fold in the 3rd - Lose 5-2 to Vegas Night Sharks

What could have been the Comeback Part 2 became a defensive train wreck

Vegas Golden Knights v Vancouver Canucks
No Easy Stops. Especially at Home
Photo by Rich Lam/Getty Images

Let’s start with some statistical averages to balance the weight of losing to the league’s newbies. If your 500 team wins all its games, it loses the 500 team chic. That would be terrible, no? If your not nearly 500 home team loses twice as many home games, that’s even more terrible. Feel better already, right?

Me neither. And here’s the thing. The league tradition for expansion teams is to lose. Lose. Lose. For years even. They’ve broken the code. It’s not fair and you can be assured I will be writing my duly unelected league representative to express our dismay that a veteran expansion team like ours must suffer this indignity in our own rink.

The Vegas Swollen Nights are the newest edition to the swollen ranks of American south teams. That they are second in the Pacific is great for a desert town team so far from the Pacific. And that’s the nicest thing I can say about them. We lost to a team on their 57th goalie in just 20 games is so outrageous, I need to make up some other stats just calm down. Our home record is now 3-5-2. Which if you add up those numbers it equals 10. That’s 10 games we’ve had. Feel better?

Me neither. What if we looked back at the Nucks start to their first NHL season. Maybe pull out the Delorean. Nah... to get that far back in previous century, we’d need a Mr. Confusion powered lime green ‘70 Hemi Cuda.

If it seems like I’m stalling about getting into the gory guts of the, you’re a mind reader. Next: Guess how the game started.

!st Period

Good guess. Start slowly and let the opposing team build a lead. Worked well on the Cali road trip. 1 out of 3 times. Why not at home?

Because I don’t want to pump up a freshly-minted NHL team, will just say it was a period of hockey where Nucks defensive breakdowns allowed a weaker, heavily suntanned opponent to carry a TWO freakin’ goal lead into the 2nd period. WTH?

2nd Period

This is the only period that counts. It’s the BEST period for a comeback. Possibly the only one.

It was heartening to see that we weren’t the only team making pizzaria-sized gaffes on defence. Brock took a tape-to-tape pass from a Vegas defender and rifled a shot past Fluery Lagace.

That’s the 2nd period type we love. And it gets better. Bo Gets A Goal. It’s like a storybook ending.

And that’s how the 2nd period ended. But not the end of the story. There was, unfortunately, a next period...

3rd Period

So...let’s talk about the weather. It’s raining gaffes. Neal behind the the Nucks net makes Guds look like he’s fighting the puck, gravity and skating. And losing. Neal wins the puck passes out front and the Las Vegas Stolen Knights have stolen the lead in our building.

And being from the city of sequined thieves, steal another puck from another Nucks defenceman, who will remain nameless because naming names like, Pouliot, serves no purpose.

And then when all hope of getting TWO more goals for the Hutton me to say it, another Nucks D made a little oopsie near our empty net...and well..lose by 3 or by 2...who cares? Get better soon Tanev!

The good news is there were no other periods. Even Mr. Green was a little grey about the play of the triumphant(ish) road warriors. Said they looked tired. I feel tired just watching.

The grunts didn’t grunt loud enough. There will be time enough to ponder how Gaunce is in the lineup and Virt is still out. We’ve got more sleepness nights of couch coaching to wrangle with that before last year’s blue kryptonite arrives to remind us of last year’s...uh... let’s not recall that. Let’s just hope we can avoid the structural failures that the NVL suffered tonight pulling into the home station.

Rest little engine that didn’t

Enjoy your weekend before St Lois gets a chance to ruin it!