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Gamethread: Canucks vs Golden What Now?

Canucks come home to play professional sports experiment, the Golden Knights.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Canucks are home again. um......yeaaa? The Canucks over the past few years have had some real trouble winning at home. This year is no different, with the Nucks going 3-4-2. I really wish someone would analyze what the hell happens at home and email the results to the coaching staff. I mean besides the obvious sucky PP. (14.6% at home)

Maybe fortunes can change tonight as the Canucks play a team that has never beaten them. Never. Do you know how rare that is in sports that one opponent has never beaten the other. I like our chances. I wonder if the people at fellow SBN blog Knights on Ice, are writing the same narrative...."Canucks have never beaten us!!!" Actually, they have a better case after a 9-4 preseason ass-whooping of the Nucks.

The Golden Knights (wow...that name sucks) are using their back-up, back-up, back-up goalie. Maybe they can be the new goalie graveyard NHL. Having said that, Vegas is second in the division. I know. This season has been all over the place

No Luca Sbisa no tribute. I'm disappointed.

Go Coconuts Go!