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Nucks Play Better Lose Harder - Sharks Win 5-0

Never Always a Dell moment

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at San Jose Sharks
Obey all on-ice flag mascots
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

After not showing up in Anaheim, the good news in this latest loss is that the Nucks played better, worked hard, outshot the Sharks and lost by a yuuuge margin. So, you may wonder, what do they have to do to win a game again? I’m just spit-balling...but maybe if the powerplay was an asset rather than a liability. If that’s a goal too far...maybe just decline the man advantage when offered.

1st Period

The Sharks came out hard as they do at home. It’s not just an urban hockey legend. They pressed the Canucks and were rewarded with a flukey goal 47 seconds in. Shot from the point, Marky makes the stop, rebound goes off Hertl and in. It would have saved everyone some time and frustration (when I say everyone, I mean Canucks fans) if they just ended the game right then. Give HNIC the feel good goalie-in-the-Dell storybook shut out ending. 2 periods early.

2nd Period

The Canucks now trailing in every game in recent memory, started pushing back, which is good. Got some power play time which is good. For San Jose. The crushing blow of the game was delivered by Couture on his 2nd break away on the same power play. Marky stopped him the first time, but the Nucks power play bobbled the puck at the line again and the Shark’s sharp shooter deked-out Marky between the pads.

Still the Canucks kept pressing, got a few good looks, but if the shot wasn’t blocked, it was stopped by Dell. The period ended with Canucks having out shot the Sharks and the goose egg to prove it.

3rd Period

The Canucks record this season when behind after 2 is 0-7-1. That goose egg needs to be scrambled. And soon. But, as many fowl tempered Canucks fans know, breaking a goose egg is harder than it looks. The Canucks put some pressure on, but the Sharks shrank the tank, made the ice smaller and the shot blocks blockier.

Into the final few minutes of the game and it’s still 2-0 for the Sharks - Canucks have put 37 shots on Dell - maybe 5 dangerous ones in the game. Maybe. But they’re stuck in Dell hell. There’s been 70 shot attempts. But, not enough attempted shooters, so they pull Marky for the extra ineffective attacker. A few seconds later, Couture scores an EN.

Now it’s 3-zip, less than 2 minutes to go. And because the puck luck draw wasn’t held at the NM beer revival tent after all, the Canucks won received a power play in the last minutes of the game. The penalty was called elbowing, but it was a deliberate cheapshot by Meir with the butt end of his stick on MDZ’s chin. Was escalated to a game misconduct. No Canucks player went for some payback on Meir. Or even a bench clearing brawl. Maybe because Double D is one instigator penalty away from a suspension. Or maybe something something.

Instead, the Canucks power play went to work for another shortie to pad the Shark’s lead - an excessive lead. But not excessive enough for the refs, who gave Tierney a penalty shot on a play that didn’t deserve a penalty, never mind a penalty shot with 12 seconds to go.

Play better. Lose Harder.

Good things:

  • Happy to say that Edler & Pouliot looked good tonight as a pairing. Green was saying Eddie was playing like the old Edler of old. Threw 8 hits. Took lots of shots. One that bounced off Dell’s ass. It was that kind of game.
  • The Sedins had a pretty good game. Other than blueline bobbles that...oh... never mind.
  • NHL Officiating gets a Fawlty endorsement.

Bad things:

  • While the Canucks’ PK kept the Sharks at bay, the power play gave the Sharks a reported 3 shorties. In one game. I don’t want to believe that report. Must be #FakeShorties.
  • The Canucks power play was 0 for 5, just like last game. So my theory about needing 10 power plays to score a goal is shot. Right into the goalie’s crest.

The worst power play in the NHL. That’s something! Pretty terrible. It seems like if you can’t get a least a few power play goals on the road getting wins on the road seems unlikely. The new old power play coach is going to take some more heat. Not that it will help. Only thing that will help is....goals!

So how did the team feel about this game that started poorly and ended worse.

I noted last game that, like last season, when the team loses on the road, a Sedin gets the media drive by.

Danny also said: “It’s important to keep playing the same way”. Pretty sure he wasn’t talking about playing the same way on the power play. But, may have heard it wrong because my ears were ringing as I was banging my head on the desk the same way repeatedly.

Other than a very wrong something Goals Against something during the man advantage, they played pretty well. Or at least better than the last game where they didn’t.

Coach Green complimented the team on their effort - even praised Eriksson - for those watching the 6 year clock ticking loud and slowly...$6M lost season...$6M lost season...

They played a good road game. Except for the sad OMG! for FIVE road power play part. At least Coach Green’s confidence doesn’t appear shaken. Have to wonder if he’s skimmed a few pages ahead in the Westy Destiny Playbook. Wouldn’t that be real good? Only he and the Canucks can drag the pointless-in-two neverland express into LA and refuel the dream of steaming home on the happy face train.

All Aboard! Maybe.