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Monday morning thoughts

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The Canucks are unbeaten.

NHL: Edmonton Oilers at Vancouver Canucks Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

The weekend is over and I survived a tropical storm and the Canucks opener. The Nucks opened the game just like I knew they could, with a goal that Marky should have stopped…standing up. I hope both Marky and Nilsson work on being bigger goalies instead of getting lower. The PP is still a mess. The Horvat unit needs more time to find an identity. Are they a point shooting/rebound group, or maybe a quick passing/ slot shot group? Let’s hope they’re not cyclers. The Sedin PP unit had a couple chances with Vanek, but unless they are willing to crash the net for rebounds, that unit will have troubles as well.

I was reading the Canucks Army mailbag (here) today and I have some different points of view about this team than J.D. Burke. Whereas J.D. would have had Boeser in the lineup instead of Dorsett, I like what Green did with Dorsett. And I like it because Dorsett was able to fulfill the role he was given. I don’t argue the fact that Dorsett is not an offensive threat and Boeser is, I just think that McDavid wouldn’t have had more opportunities to score with a pest around him like DD. Having Boeser in the lineup would have meant another player would have had to play shadow and it would have probably been Granlund or Horvat, which would have taken their focus away from offense.

The one player that still seemed out of place in game one for me was Loui. I will state for the record that I was never a fan of his signing. Having said that I was hoping that he would be able to find a spot in the lineup or have some chemistry with one other player on a consistent basis. But…..westy….Loui had an assist last game, that’s a good start, right? Loui’s assist was a gift from Bo and his rush down the ice. Marky got an assist on that play too.

I think Jake and Boeser will play musical press box for a while. Jake’s minutes were low last game as his line was responsible for the first goal, as all 3 forwards were gliding back on Russell’s goal. Jake had some good rushes during the game, but he still needs to focus on his defensive game, especially against a fast Oilers team.

One last thing, can you imagine a world where Bo Horvat learns to pass the puck? I think he will get more and more attention which will draw multiple defenders. Once he starts looking for the trailer, teams will give him more space to work one on one. Watch the next few games and how teams start playing against him and how Bo reacts.