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Watch That 1st Step! Canucks’ Glide To The Cup Slides Through Oil Tonight

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NHL: Preseason-Edmonton Oilers at Vancouver Canucks
Watch that puck...all the way into the net.
Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports


This is the night where it all begins. No matter how it ends. Except we know how it will end - the Canucks Win the Cup!

But, we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves. So, we just have to play along with the 2nd or 3rd worst team in the league narrative and when the media are swooning over the resurgent Fawks and Quacks, we keep our sharp, but subtle focus on the horizon of destiny. Our destiny. Our Cup. Say it a few more thousand times to yourself and it might sink in. Or not.

The Oils are on their fake path to their fake Cup - after a lost decade and more, the fake predictions have them as the Western Conference reps in the finals. This is exactly where we want them. Underdog stories need an over-confident, self-absorbed rival.

Does this first game count for much? It’s a measly 2 points. Less than 2% of what we will have at season end. This is the difference between fickle confidence and Westyfied knowing.

Coach Green is already playing with us, the fans and the media - Double D is in, Virt is out, Brock is out, Virt is in - always keep them guessing. His serious never-smile demeanour, like they forced this very unpleasant job on him at puck point, is a nice bit of theatre. Green can’t say he knows what we NM true believers know. I won’t mention what that is again, because you know you know.

Will this be an exciting north/south game? Will McD be flying around on his skates? Or will flying around on his ass? As highly rated as this 4-of-6-first-picks team is, remember the Nucks beat them last game. Do Nucks get rated higher for that? Nope. Some many Pretty much everyone thinks it’s delusional to consider the Nucks for Cup champs this year. It’s a funny thing this manifest Cup Destiny that no one sees, except the NMminati. Admit it. We like funny things!

Stop it! We won the Shinkaruk trade. Idiot!
Canucks blogger in training

Impawsible distractions aside, this game will be the most exciting Canucks game this season (so far).

This is going to be the best home opening streak in team history. Want to see a 20 and oh home record to start? Me too.

Cup your hands round your smirk and shout: Let’s Get This Cup Party Started!