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Gamethread: Capitals vs Canucks

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The traveling Ovie show comes to town and Canuck fans wait to see which Nilsson shows up.

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

The Canucks go into tonight as the odds on favorite to win the Stanley Cup. (**There are no articles to back this up......OK there is one.)

The Caps come to western Canada trying to figure out how to be consistent. (There are facts to back that up)

Alex Ovechkin has 10 goals already. But in a league where Derek Dorsett has 5 goals, 10 doesn't seem like an accomplishment. and he dresses like this.


Good God, this is glorious.

Anders Nilsson is in net tonight after another shutout. What the over/under with him getting pulled......6 minutes?

If the Canucks win tonight, I might have to start taking my fake predictions more seriously.

Go Coconuts Go!