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THE ORBIT: Demko, Gaunce sent down

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Thatcher Demko’s “call-up” is over, and Brendan Gaunce prepares for a return to the Canucks lineup with a conditioning stint in Utica.

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at Los Angeles Kings Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

I know for some it was a jolt of excitement when they heard that Thatcher Demko had been recalled by the Canucks the other day. With the memories of the Boston game still fresh in everyone’s minds, you can’t blame some for thinking perhaps they were going to see if he was the answer. Since then both Anders Nilsson and Jacob Markstrom have performed well, and the Canucks were simply using a loophole in the CBA to call up Demko and give themselves some cap relief by doing so.

He was able to get some 1 on 1 time with Canucks goaltending coach Dan Cloutier, and has since been returned to the Comets. Meanwhile the team announced today that Brendan Gaunce has been sent to Utica on a conditioning stint as he recovers from a shoulder injury. Gaunce will spend 5 games with the Comets before heading back up to the parent club.

It’s going to mean some interesting decisions for the Canucks once Gaunce is ready to return to Vancouver, as JPat alluded to today. It says a lot about the status of the Canucks that the battle for roster spots continues as we near November. This is a good thing, folks.

The Comets home opener is fast approaching, as they take residence in the brand new ADK Bank Center next week. After losing their first two games to Toronto on the opening weekend of the season, the Comets have rattled off 3 straight wins, heading into a back to back battle in Charlotte as they take on the Checkers Saturday and Sunday.