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Canucks WIN Streak Double D’d - Dump Detroit 4-1

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The longest win streak ever. This season.

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at Detroit Red Wings
Jake Vircannon
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

While we were still dancing down the Westy Destiny path with our Cup party hats tangled in the gaudy, impossibly beer-stained streamers getting our fan-tastic rain-tans slick in the wet, our heroes were extending their low expectation magic into a blue green streak of wins in Motown.

TWO game WIN streak! The longest win streak this season by any NHL team based in Vancouver. That’s twice as a long as a one game streak. TWICE. That’s like the double the length. Speaking of double, our new first line was ready to play like the most exciting first line of hockey in the last 48 hours.

1st Period

You will recall the clever inverted momentum strategy that the Nucks deployed in the 1st period in Buffalo. No? Never mind. Different day, different strategy. Today’s stingy strategy was to put a few shots on net, let Detroit get a little rest, a little faint hope on a thwarted 2 on 1 while the Nucks went on the power play. And then sting the wings with the Killer Bees.

Brock Bo BEAR! A Svenabulous way to open the scoring. Sven’s first goal of the season on Bo’s first assist. A game of firsts. This goal reverted the inverted momentum to the inversion position for almost a full four minutes.

Then Detroit scored....because...having a lead going into the 2nd isn’t the sort of motivation our humble group of fair-minded road warriors cares to be burdened with so many more periods yet to play.

2nd Period

Really good, fun periods. This period especially. Why? Because all your seconds belong to us! Vancouver was outshooting Detroit 17-11 by the mid point of this most fun period when he of the lofty 42 sh% lofted a shot over Howard’s shoulder. The Nucks’ penalty-leading leading goal scorer got his 5th of the season. Double D gets the GWG!

But wait! There’s more! Lots more.

What’s better than getting your 1st goal of the season in this historic game? Getting your 2nd with a Svenacious snipe.

Pretty cool the flames let Sven keep his burning blade. Real good redemption tale too. From Cowtown castoff to Nuck 1st line time.

Let’s see that 2nd Sventasitic snipe from the slotmeister

But wait! There’s more! We have so many 1st lines that it’s hard to keep track. We do what we can with the most firsts tonight. Like Virt. First assist last game to first goal this game. What a clean west coast kid - cleans up after himself.

And a Sedin picks up another point on our pointiful pursuit of streaking glory. End of the second the Nucks lead not just the game 4-1, but the shooteria stat, 29-15. This is the kind of game you could(n’t) easily imagine happening again after Friday, but here it is. A yuuuuuuuuuuge lead going into the 3rd. Can our feisty fabulators finish their foes?

3rd Period

YES they can. There were a few pushbacks by the clipped Wings, but their tiny talons were no match for our Marquis de Save. Markstrom finished with .952 SV% which means no softies were permitted during the final 20 minutes. 40 actually. Could argue 60, because the only goal that De-toilet scored was a pretty good shot on some pretty iffy goalie gear.

Best moment of the 3rd. Kronwall going for the cheap break on Jake and meeting the Virtallion wall.

I’m so happy, I’m giddy. So happy in fact the cat is checking the house for missing catnip and tuna treats. While numeric implausibility says otherwise, tonight the bionically enhanced DD and the Canucks have proven mathematically, scientifically and scorerifically that they can get a lead, keep a lead and win the game. On the road.

I’m not totally happy tho, because this victory was marred by another Injury Faery ritual sacrifice to our defence. Stetcher took a nasty knee-on-knee hit and left the game. Look for another revolving D call up next week in Wild Wacky Wintersoda.

Thanks everyone for keeping the West Destiny Cup train on the road rails this weekend. If they continue on in these uncharted tracks of fun-to-watch-them-win hockey the Nucks could even do this at home. Dare to dream. Double D did and is the team’s leading scorer and the NHL’s penalty minute champion. Grit ‘n Goals.