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Gudbranson’s dirty hit leads to 3 Bruins PPG and a Canucks loss.

Vancouver Canucks v Boston Bruins Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

I am usually the guy who, despite being rooted in the reality of how not-good this team is right now, tries to find some positivity in the previews. So, in my first recap in ages, I hoped that I could have a game recap to present to you, good readers, that would allow me to have something good to talk about.

It started kinda good, honestly.

Yup, that’s Derek Dorsett, somehow finding twine shortly after the Bruins killed off an early Canucks PP and less than 3 minutes in, the Canucks are up 1-0. After a 3-0 win over the Ottawa Senators, the Canucks are primed and ready to roll, right?

31 seconds. That is the entire length of the Canucks lead in this game. 31 seconds and it’s gone.

Anders Bjork ties it, and okay that was kind of quick but hey, it’s still tied and it’s early and it’s not so bad, right?

Enter Gudbranson. With a spotlight on the Canucks D thanks to the Alex Edler injury, there’s a lot of pressure on guys like Guddy to step up and lead. Well, he stepped up, and not in a good way.

This is a dumb hit. There’s an easier, better play here. All Gudbranson has to do is take him into the boards and tie him up, or angle to the side and try to cut off the pass. Instead he drills him between the numbers. Are we going to see a suspension for this? Your guess is as good as mine. But for a team that is already a disaster on the back end, losing a Dman to suspension is just going to make things worse.

So Gudbranson gets 5 for boarding, 5 for fighting, a 10 minute misconduct and the game. It’s now up to the Canucks PP to try and kill off the 5 minute man advantage for Boston.

That would be all for Anders Nilsson, who was heroic in Ottawa and hung out to dry tonight in Boston. Jacob Markstrom came in, and stopped 16 of 18 the rest of the way, adding more fuel to the “non-existent” Canucks goaltending controversy.

How could the game get any worse at this point? Oh, I have an idea...


But then, something happened. The Canucks, for the second straight game in a 2nd period, attempted to play hockey. And that led to a power play goal from Thomas Vanek.

Shortly after that, Bo Horvat bumped his slump, and suddenly it’s 5-3, and you get the feeling that maybe, just maybe the Canucks can make a game of this.

Patrice Bergeron, (who along with noted dog eater David Backes) returned to the lineup from injury and wrapped up a night where he’d already picked up 3 assists by scoring the evening’s final goal.

So what have we learned here?

Well, for starters it’s pretty obvious that for all the things Edler does wrong, he does a lot right and it’s only noticeable when he’s not in the lineup. This defence is the worst blueline corps the Canucks have iced in a generation, and they are going to be the contributing factor to the majority of the losses the Canucks suffer this year. With Gudbranson out, we saw a lot of Ryan Del Zotto and lord, it was not pretty. Sure, he had 2 assists tonight, but MDZ was on for 4 of those 6 goals, and as you saw on the Pasternak beauty, looked downright awful.

The goaltending was not good tonight, but it’s hard to put the blame on them when the Canucks broke down and gave the puck up so effortlessly all night long. It’s a miracle the Bruins didn’t crack 40 shots, honestly.

To have scored 6 goals in the first two road games and not just only have one win, but a zero goals differential is peak Canucks. They’ll need to score more than 3 in order to have a chance to win with this defence, and this isn’t a team you should feel confident can do this more than a dozen times this season. Unless the team somehow takes on the mindset of Brock Boeser, and begins shooting a metric fucktonne more, they’re still gonna finish at the bottom in goals for again this year.

The good news is that they get to play right away, as they head to Buffalo for a Friday night tilt with the struggling Sabres. Yeah, I know. This is a bad omen.