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Canucks beat Senators! (We mean it this time)

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Nilsson gets the shutout in a 3-0 victory

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at Ottawa Senators Marc DesRosiers-USA TODAY Sports

The Canucks went on their first road trip of the year and ended up in a place so foul that people get voted in to live there. That’s right…Ottawa. Funny enough, the best player in the world also plays there. Talk about pumping someone’s tires….Coach Boucher might be a bit biased when it comes to Erik Karlsson. I’m pretty sure there might be some other players out there with a Stanley Cup ring or an Olympic gold medal that might be better. Heck, there might even be a guy in Alberta that is better than Karlsson.

The Canucks leave town just in time for the first panic of the year. The media, Twitter and the many different Canuck blogs are out for blood early in the season. As I posted here (self-promotion at its best), I think we might want to step back and realize the team we have …or don’t have in Vancouver and stop screaming that the sky is falling. We might not….ok, we won’t win the cup, but we can grow as a team every night and build for the future. A win!

1st period

Good first shift by the 4th line of the Canucks….let’s start positive. And then a lot of back and forth without great chances by either club for the first 6 minutes. Michael Del Zotto got the first Canuck shot 8 minutes in. I know, but the Canucks hadn’t been playing bad up until that point. Good news, I saw Horvat on the ice….which I couldn’t say in the last game. Derek Dorsett seemed to be the most visible Canuck so far, but only because he hustles into the Senators end.

I went to cook dinner with the wife. We had Greek chicken with tomato rice and green beans. I didn’t miss much. And when I sat down the Canucks went on a powerplay. Low and behold the Canucks PP was able to produce. And before everyone starts yelling the Boeser should always be out there, I want to point out that Burmistrov did the dirty work, keeping the puck alive. That body in the net is needed when point shots are taken. Del Zotto’s shot was just inside the blueline and Brock did a good job collapsing down after the shot.

The Canucks did an OK job killing their own penalty by Del Zotto and the period ended 1-0 Canucks.

The Canucks were out shot 17-4. Hey Nilsson…get to work

2nd period

The Canucks came out in the second with some fire in their skates. I even think I saw Horvat try to make a pass. Full disclosure – I had a beer and a glass of wine, so I might have been seeing things. I did notice that TSN did have a Ottawa (Karlsson) bias to their coverage. Every though the Canucks were winning it seemed that the announcers kept praising the Senators play.

I didn’t hear Jake’s name until 15:40 of the second period. I could blame TSN, but to be honest I didn’t notice him on the ice either. The announcers on TSN wer also throwing shade at the Sedins, saying they are not suited for the Canucks new style of play. That might be true.

Notice I haven’t said much about the play as it went back to back and forth with limited chances and a few icings. Mike Hoffman was sprung free but was stopped by Nilsson, who continued to have a pretty good game. Virtanen levelled a big on Oduya which didn’t sit well with the Sens. Borowiecki then launch himself at Burmistrov, who ducked it and Dorsett step in to fight Borowiecki. The Sens were able to keep pressure in the Canucks end for most the PP, but they couldn’t score.

I want to say that Brandon Sutter might be suited for tennis. His stick work above his waist is pretty good as he deflected a puck into the net. It was called off from the start and there was no angle that helped him out.

The shift after that came Sven/Burm/Bo that cycled pretty well along the boards and then Bo shot towards the net and Burm tipped it in for a 2-0 lead.

The Canucks went into the third with the dreaded 2 goal lead.

3rd period.

I think the link below shows the “New” Canucks

The third period started with the return of the terrible Canucks PP as there wasn’t a shot on net for the 2 minutes. The Brock/Burm/Baer line had another good shift as they pinned the Send down in their own end for a minute. I wonder if fans will let that line stick together for a few games? Vanek decides to try and plant Burrows into the ice and took a penalty with 13 minutes. Nilsson then did his best imitation of a wall and kept multiple chances out.

With 8 minutes, the name Dorsett was said again as Derek spent 17 minutes in the box for his fight and instigator penalty. There still seems to be a lack of defensive trust when it comes to Jake in the third.

I hate to say it..Ron is right to some degree

The next play after a near Sedin goal was a weird one. Eriksson went down the ice and hit the post, then the ricochet went out to Vanek who slapped it passed Craig Anderson for a 3-0 lead.

The Senators decided to pull the goalie with a minute left, because hey…why not? No further damage done. Anders Nilsson gets the shutout and the CANUCKS WIN!!