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Join Nucks Misconduct And Help Improve Global Morale One Word At A Time

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So few people have opinions on the internet these days. Wanna change that?

Put... the bunny... back... in the box.

Hurricanes, earthquakes, supervolcanoes, wildfires, deadly asteroids, nuclear threats, dying penguins, the rise of porgs, Nicolas Cage snack food, our continued de-evolution as a species and an NHL expansion team near the top of the league.

Clearly the world is ending and the only thing we can possibly do as a community to help is share Vancouver Canucks opinions, news and analysis in our dark corner of the world wide web.

Your humble NM warriors are looking for another warm body or two to help with gameday materials (previews and recaps) along with news, analysis and whatever else keeps you focused like on a laser on why Loui Eriksson can’t score.

In exchange you’ll get money (hooray!) and the chance to work alongside the rest of us NM’ers (*crickets*) and other great minds at SBN to make Vancouver hockey great again, one mostly coherent thought at a time. Also it helps if you’re a tad snarky and recognize blogging about a sport where we root for grown men to one day drink bad beer out of a silver chalice is supposed to be fun endeavor.

If you’re interested, please fill out the form below. Thanks!