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CANUCKS WIN AGAIN AT HOME - And Jets win in Vancouver

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Two winners, one game? How’s that possible?

NHL: Winnipeg Jets at Vancouver Canucks
A Tanev Hattie! (2 goals in 3 games!)
Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

Boom! Just like that. This is how Grail Cup campaigns begin. And, thankfully, not how they end.

Still... you might be wondering how that headline makes sense. It’s such a beautiful time of the year for a wonder, isn’t it? You might wonder what makes it that special time for wonders. I don’t know. And that’s why we need to rely so much on wondering. There. Explained in words that wandered into wonderland - had a good look around - saw nothing and wondered about it.

Speaking of wonders...Is this the best season start ever... for the team Chris Tanev? Why yes, it is. And without even pulling the Westy Destiny playbook out of the NM drunk tank, it’s a sign of the great things to come. Chris Tanev scores and we win the game. That’s how it’s written in the playbook. I don’t make this stuff up. Westy does. And then I report it as coming from a reliable inside source. A reliable inside source has vouched for the authenticity of the playbook. One less thing to wonder about. might be wondering what the game was like. I spent an hour in front of the PVR wondering the same thing. Not the exact thing, there was the part about winning the Grail and stuff. But the fast forward button didn’t take me to the parade in June. Damn it.

Do you want my usual period by period breakdown? No? Me neither. Let’s just sit here and wonder a little more about a stunning little stat. But, before that stat, let’s celebrate Boeser’s first point of the season. First of probably 70-80 according to a reliable inside source. Brock’s point came on the powerplay! The Canucks opened the scoring and won the game on the powerplay! As per the league’s full period policy, the refs allowed the game to continue and of course, the Jets tied it up. Damn it.

Oh yeah. The stunning little stat. Ok, not so little. Let’s be clear - I’m not making this up: Chris Tanev has as many goals this year as Patrick Laine! And we’re only three games in this season of Destiny! Patrick Laine! The #3 pick who would be playing in a proper jersey with a cool logo if the nhl lottery mavens had any sense of proper destiny. Or even fair play.

Tanev got a sweet goal in the game. Yay! And Laine got a bitter one. A goal so snappily bitter it pretty much ruined the NM gamethread with a single wrister. But, that wasn’t the worst of it.

The worst of it was this: Myers, a 6’8” defenseman put the game-winning goal over and and over and over the left shoulder of 6’5” Markstrom - short handed!!! Stupid PVR. Westy will whine about droopy shoulder syndrome, but the NM braintrust, (please save your guffaws for later) the Brainy T’s of NM offered the cure late last season. It was too late then, but it’s not now.

Padding the GAA

This simple jersey tweak would let our little 6’5” goalie stand up to droop down for a 6’8” shooter and still make the save.

Two quick goals in the 2nd for the WinterJets and it felt a lot like summer, only less hopeful. But still, can’t let the numbers dictate the pace on the Cup walk of Destiny. We led the Sens going into the 3rd and it didn’t help. So...switch it up, we’re behind the Jets going into the 3rd. Didn’t help. See the symmetry there?

As far as I could see, which was about 8’ to the TV, the Canucks out played the Jets in the 3rd and got the tieing goal. Again the same Chris Tanev. He scored the tieing goal. Or the penultimate tieing goal. Whatever. might still be wondering how this ties in with the Canucks Win At Home recap title. Because overall it was a good close game that wasn’t reflected in the final score stat, which makes you wonder about what might have been. And when you do that it feels just like winning. In a really subtle way.

Anyhow it was a good game and no one got hurt. Except Eddie. It was either him or his stick. This time the stick faeries were out back of the garage prepping gear. The other faeries that shall not be named were dining in tonight.

Here’s what the coach said after the game:

"That's a really good team over there. We did a lot of good things tonight. … Sometimes you are going to play well and lose and you're going to play bad and win. I think this was one of those nights." -- Canucks coach Travis Green

Our new cagey coach can deliver the platitudes with aplomb. Or plums. I forget. Could be ample apples. Anyhow, that’s not the point. The point is our record thus far in the winning season is: 1-1-1. That is the sign of destiny right there. What? How? I have reliable information from an insider that has seen the inside of the Westy Destiny playbook. That’s all you need to know.

Now, please return to your snarky commenting as is your NM-given right. Enjoy your Friday as if it was the last day of the work week. Then gird your girdled fan loins in preparation for the game that will unlock the 1-1-1 puzzle and send us to the happier ending Saturday night.