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The Preseason is Over.

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Let’s get going NM

NHL: Preseason-Edmonton Oilers at Vancouver Canucks Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

The preseason is done.

The regular season has taken 6 months to get here and my expectations are mediocre. The Canucks are about halfway through their rebuild without informing the public that there actually a rebuild going on the whole time. The bare cupboards of the minors are getting stocked up and the remnants of the Stanley Cup run are almost gone. It will probably take another 3 years before we can really talk about a playoff team, but even that depends on the actions of 30 other teams. There seems to be a belief amongst some fans that one draft pick, one player, one coach, one GM, or one president can make a difference tomorrow or even next year. That type of thinking defies my type of logic.

Patience has never been a strong suit of Vancouver Canucks fans. The Stanley Cup run and the hope of another run the two years after, created a toxic atmosphere that has spread throughout the internet and media. I understand the role of media is to report on events, but now media is more concerned on reporting opinion before facts even come out. The internet is even worse. The love/hate I have with the internet is increasing as I get older. As a contributor to this website I realize the hypocrisy of my words. I have the tools to spread my opinion whenever I feel like it….or until Kent/Yankee revoke my writing privileges. I do temper my opinion on this site in the hope to drive discussion…..but not conflict. But it does seem that some Canuck fans come here looking for that type of environment. I know some of the other bigger blogs have huge readership and lots of commenters that thrive on conflict and one day they hope to win the internet.

I like Nucks Misconduct. I really do. We’ll never be Canucks Army or the Hockey Writers. We are what we are and this site has its ebbs and flows. Much like the Canucks, NM is rebuilding. You can call it a re-tool if you want, I don’t care. If fact, over the time I have been here NM has been in a constant state of re-build. Some people are consistent in their comments and some people are reading this article during their first visit to the site. (All of us hope that you add a comment.) We all are a part of this great blog and if you’re concerned with it being the top blog, then join the writing staff and create content that drives people here, or don’t. Go find someone on NM you don’t agree with and argue with them. (Just don’t be a prick about it) Go read all those other blogs (there are some great ones) and then drop by every day and leave a comment.

The Canucks open their regular season on Saturday and if the internet works in this rainy Central American country I call home, I will watch it and cheer loud when Vanek scores. I may even write the recap for the game. (The Canucks usually win openers when I write the first recap) Stop by, complain about the PP and the lack of ice time for the youngsters. Be part of NM. We are a lazy group of bastards, but we do appreciate you coming around.

The preseason is done.

Go Coconuts Go!