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Gamethread: Canucks vs. Coyotes

Division rivals who’ve been rebuilding since.... When were they the Jets again?

There are lots of things happening in Canuckland this season: one week we want the head’s of all of the front office; the next, we don’t reallly mind them too much on the whole. It’s to be expected with a team that has been built to ‘compete every night’. There are stretches of dark, dark days (9 games in November), and some really sunny days like today (4 game winning streak, new young forward).

And then there are the other guys... Phoenix Arizona has been a tire fire for the better part of the past 20 years having only finished in the upper half of the overall NHL standings 7 times over that duration. Hopefully a move to Tempe is the cure for this string of bad luck (at 20 years of futility is luck even at play here?).

Regardless, the Coyotes are a real threat to win tonight. They have a boatload of younger players and a grizzled veteran in Shane Doan who’d love nothing more than to put an end to our winning streak tonight. Recently they added Alex Burmistrov off of the Winnipeg Jets waiver wire, this might be a solution to losing Max Domi. To add fuel to the fire, we broke Brad Richardson last time we played them...

I think we’re in for a good one tonight!

Go Coconuts Go!