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Gamethread: Predators vs. Canucks

Didn’t we just play these guys?!?!

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at Nashville Predators Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Middle of January sees us playing the Predators for the second time in 2 weeks. Last time we faced the Preds we lost a heart-breaker in O-ver-time in their barn. Let’s give it right back to them in our rink!

Granted we’ve been on the wrong side of too many of these overtime losses of late, but we’re still collecting Bettman points at a rate that makes the journalists who declared that the Canucks were a ‘65 point team’ look rather foolish (we’re on pace for around 82 points thank you very much). I don’t know that you can either dismiss our playoff aspirations or not at this juncture but you have to agree that our team is ‘competitive every night’ in the sense that we’re hovering around .500 and haven’t slid too far out of the playoff race as of today. If we want to maintain the ideal of having a shot of the playoffs, there are 2 big points available tonight!

The trade deadline is starting to appear in more and more content on these Internets. Who do you think the Canucks should trade at this year’s deadline? Make some suggestions in tonight’s thread and I’ll do my best to find these players a new home over the next few weeks!

Go Coconuts Go!