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The Morning After The Night Before, 16 January 2017

When the Canucks dropped another one, and the Caps were rolling...

NHL: NHL Draft Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

I’m not sure what hurts the most; losing in OT, to any team, or losing to the Devils full stop. Losing this game wouldn’t hurt so much if we were well ensconced in a playoff spot, but with where we are now? I can’t imagine a more depressing game to lose. One measly goal, Schneider winning the battle against Horvat, and playoff hockey slipping through our collective fingers.

Someone please cheer me up!

Perhaps I’ll find solace in looking at the stories from around the league instead. I know, doubtful, but let’s do it anyway:


  • Even Botch is right about the PP. COME ON WILLIE, SORT IT OUT! [Province]
  • Kuzma too. It’s getting to the point where we’re going to have to get the zamboni driver to leave clues on the ice once he’s done. Any ideas as to why Willie won’t fix the PP? [Province]
  • Our SB Nation cousins at All About The Jersey did a recap. They’re quite happy, as you can imagine. I don’t blame them either - this is old school NJD hockey. [All About The Jersey]
  • The Caps are buzzing right now. They’ve won 9 straight games, Ovie has passed 1,000 points, they’re getting scoring up and down the lineup, and Holtby is gearing up. Not a good time to play them. [NHL]
  • Andrew Shaw: total douche. Third time this season I’ve said it, third time it’s true:
  • At least we’re not this bad:
  • We should blatantly acquire Shane Doan for our playoff push. Rodin + 2nd is Benning’s style, yes? [Sportsnet]
  • Some of these numbers are staggering. Do you have to be 19 years old and faster than Speedy Gonzalez to play in this league now?
  • I think we all thought Eric Staal was finished last season, likely including half his family. I for one am glad he’s not, because on his day he’s still devastating. [The Score]
  • At the very least, we have some good news:
  • Let’s end on a positive note: Hayley Wickenheiser retired at the weekend. She was the first female hockey player I ever heard of, and it’s clear to see why. From all at NM, we hope you have a great retirement - you’ve certainly earned it, and done your country proud! [NHL]


Question of the day: Does Brock Boeser add enough offense to get us wins from games like this next season? If not, how can we stop getting done in by teams like the Devils?