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The Morning After The Night Before, 10 January 2017

When Roberto Luongo moved to 5th all-time in wins...

NHL: Preseason-Arizona Coyotes at Vancouver Canucks Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

Last night was some night for stat nerds, with a succession of notable achievements across the league. Let’s dive right into those, and the other news from our rivals.


  • Start the day as you mean to go on: the media is slowly but surely beginning to catch on to the star that Bo Horvat is becoming. [The Score]
  • Maybe this is why:
  • Looking ahead to tonight’s game in Nashville with Marc Weber, who I somehow missed joining The Province. Who is he? Is he the Weber this franchise needs? [Province]
  • La la la la, fingers in ears, we can’t hear you... [Sportsnet]
  • This Anton Rodin crap really needs to be resolved. Play him or send him back to Sweden, just stop messing him around. Please. [Province]
  • Tell us something we don’t know...
  • Roberto Luongo, long-time franchise goalie of our beloved Vancouver Canucks, last night moved into sole possession of 5th all-time in wins with 448. Only four goalies have more wins than Bobby Lou: Martin Brodeur, Patrick Roy, Ed Balfour and Curtis Joseph. With CuJo only 6 wins ahead of Lu, and Balfour only 36 ahead, it’s a safe bet to say that by the end of next season - barring injury - Lu will be sitting pretty in 3rd all-time. A legend. [The Hockey News]
  • Alex Ovechkin scored career points 997, 998 and 999 against the Canadiens last night; he equalled Maurice Richard himself on 544 goals, and now stands just one measly point away from 1,000:
  • Anze Kopitar scored just his 4th goal of the season yesterday - but in so doing, moved up into 6th in Kings’ franchise scoring, above a certain Wayne Gretzky. [The Score]
  • And continuing with the stats: count Jesse Puljujarvi as the 3,275th draft pick of the Edmonton Oilers to have his development royally screwed by poor management and coaching:
  • Jaromir Jagr says he’s going to play until he’s 55. I’d love to see it - although even then, Gretzky’s records would be safe. Staggering to think that really. [North Jersey]
  • Also, the guy is addicted to hockey:
  • John Tavares has never really struck me as an intelligent man. Here he proves it, by committing to the Islanders no matter how badly they are owned and managed. If I were him I’d be signing a $10m deal somewhere on the West coast. [News Day]
  • We all knew Gerard Gallant was fired because Tom Rowe wanted to coach the team - this interview basically proves that. Gallant is a fine coach. [ESPN]
  • In great news for fans, NHL teams will be limited to two jerseys next season. Fewer opportunities for cash grabbing. [Star Tribune]


Question of the day: What contract do you give Bo Horvat?