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The Morning After the Night Before: 7 September 2016

When Huberdeau cashed in, and stats were wrong...

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James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

We're moving towards the start of something big - the 2016/17 NHL season is just 39 days away. As teams begin to finalize rosters and build towards camp, there appears to be the beginnings of actual regular hockey news. Huzzah! Let's share some of that with you now:

- Who is the best prospect in the Canucks' pipeline? Hint: you probably all have the same top three. I would have Troy Stecher in the top 8 personally. [Canucks Army]

- My kind of read, this: the Canucks are going to play tougher this season. And Erik 'Real' Gudbranson is going to show us how. [National Post]

- Jonathan Huberdeau signed a 6 year, $5.9m AAV deal yesterday. I call that a great deal. [Sun Sentinel]

- Advanced stats can get you far in life. They can also show you how incredibly wrong they can be, when applied without due care and attention. Look here for next season's 'predicted' standings, which conveniently don't allow for any of the summer's movements to make a difference to the stats. So, clickbait for nerds really. [TSN]

- Speaking of this summer's moves, if you haven't already made your own mind up about them, every team's moves are rated here. The Canucks were apparently worse than the Flyers, but better than the Rangers. Go figure. [CBS]

- Speaking of bad moves, Kris '$5m' Russell is reportedly speaking with eight NHL teams. As long as the Canucks aren't one of those teams, we can file this under 'dumb contracts 2016'. [The Hockey Writers]

- PTO time: Marc-Andre Bergeron to the Blue Jackets. He's 35, hasn't played in the NHL since 2012/13 (25 games, 9pts), and hasn't played more than 60 NHL games in a season since 2008/09. Not sure why the BJs are bothering. [Twitter: James Mirtle]

- Speaking of the BJs, they have extended their management team of John Davidson, Jarmo Kekalainen and Bill Zito for an additional two years, taking them to 2019. Shocking to think that the team that HIRED John Tortorella would actually be rewarded for it. [Columbus Dispatch]

- I nearly fell over reading this lovely story on Mason Raymond. I actually hope he has a good season. [Calgary Herald]

- Auston Matthews was the #1 overall pick in this summer's draft. The 2015 #1, Connor McDavid, has been treated like the second coming of Jesus. Jesus 2.0, new and improved, better than Crosby and Ovechkin combined. My feeling is that Auston Matthews is going to be a better player than McDavid, and it will help him enormously that there is seemingly nothing being written about him. Except this piece, obviously. [Globe and Mail]

Question for the day: Who will be the first coach sacked this season?