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The Morning After the Night Before: 29 September 2016

When the Canucks beat the Oilers, Troy Stecher channeled his inner-Ben Hutton, and Ryan Kesler was moaning again...

Peter Llewellyn-USA TODAY Sports

Well that was enjoyable, was it not? Fresh off a 3-2 OT defeat to the San Jose Sharks, your Vancouver Canucks went out and gave the Edmonton Oilers a decent spanking. There was so much to like about it - from Troy Stecher channeling his inner-Ben Hutton (he's looking good for a roster spot at this rate), to the likes of Michael Corcone and Joe LaBate looking promising, to Anton Rodin looking sharp. Let's take a look at that Canucks action, as well as what's happening around the league:



- The best part of this Sportsnet recap of the game is where they talk about Erik Gudbranson shutting down the Lucic-McDavid-Eberle line. I could watch that all year. [Sportsnet]

- And if you liked that, read our old mucker Thomas Drance's piece on our blueline depth. This is some of Drance's best work. [Sportsnet]

- Here is the boxscore from the game. One part I really like: Michael Carcone played 9:13 and had 8 hits. That means he lined someone up every 60 seconds. Would anyone here not want that instead of Derek Dorsett's intangibles? [NHL]

- Botch, fresh off his TKO victory over Matt Sekeras, with another piece on Anton Rodin. After last night, Rodin must be feeling pretty good. [Province]

- Following the demotion of Carter Bancks, Jordan Subban, Ashton Sautner and Wacey Hamilton, there were more camp cuts:

We are now left with (essentially) the players who have a serious chance of making the opening night roster.



- Last night saw only five other games across the league: Red Wings 5-1 Bruins (haha); Devils 0-2 Flyers; Penguins 2-0 Blackhawks (both from Chris Kunitz, who says he needs Crosby?); Stars 2-4 Avalanche; and Ducks 1-6 Kings. Don't read too much into that Ducks scoreline - David Booth was their most experienced player in the lineup. [NHL scores]

- Summarising Bob McKenzie's frenetic tweeting yesterday, Johnny Gaudreau is nowhere near a contract agreement with the Flames. [The Score]

- In great news for my dreams of acquiring Nikita Kucherov, King Bob also tweeted this about my little Russian dreamboat:

- Our old buddy Ryan Kesler is trying desperately to avoid any blame for his sub-standard performance at the World Cup of Hockey. Sure, blame the fans for a lack of atmosphere. Blame Torts for not pairing you and Patrick Kane together. Blame everyone, and say it's the 'players' that should shoulder the blame. You played terribly in all three games - why not say 'I played really badly and I let everyone down'? Were you hoping no-one would notice? [OC Register]

- It's not only Alex Ovechkin willing to leave the NHL mid-season and go to the 2018 Winter Olympic hockey tournament:

- Our poor SB Nation cousins, Lighthouse Hockey, look at the Islanders' baffling signing of Dennis Seidenberg on a 1 year, $1m contract. The comments here are gold. [Lighthouse Hockey]

- And another signing: Kyle Quincey on a 1 year, $1.25m deal with New Jersey. That's alright. []


Question of the day: Which Canuck impressed you most last night?