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GAME DAY PREVIEW: Canucks vs Edmonton Sept 28/16

While there were some positives out of last night's preseason tilt with San Jose, in the end it was a familiar refrain: The Canucks couldn't hold a lead, then lost in OT.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Did you have your radios tuned in last night, kids? Unless you stumbled upon a Periscope feed from inside the SAP Center, the only way you saw this game was by listening to TSN 1040 and using your

And true to form, it was pretty much how we thought it would go. It started off pretty good actually, as Bo Horvat and Jake Virtanen teamed up to take the lead early in the 1st. That lead would hold til the 2nd when Barclay Goodrow tied it up. And can we talk about how non-hockey this guy's name is? When I hear it I think of this

and not some professional hockey player, right? Anyway, it was around this time when the Hockey Gods gave us a heads up for those of you who were carrying a candle of hope for this season, with a sneak peek at the misery to come: Jake Virtanen left with a shoulder injury. And yes, the same one he's already had surgery on.

But wait! Suddenly there WAS hope, and it came from another name the Canucks will need to come through this season if they hope to keep pace with the rest of the Pacific Division: Sven Baertschi. His goal (assisted by Ashton Sautner and Jordan Subban) gave the Canucks a 3rd period lead. Perfect, right?

Well, howsabout a Tommy Wingels goal with 23 seconds left? Let's be fair though, San Jose was pretty unfortunate to not be walking out with a regulation win, as they dominated the Canucks with wait for it.... team speed that the Canucks could not handle. That sent it to OT and it set the stage for Kevin LeBanc. Yeah, I know. Waaaaayyyyy better name. And yet, his was not the name that sent Hockey Twitter aflutter last night. No, that belonged to San Jose goalie MANTAS ARMALIS. Seriously, how fucking metal is that name? But wait... This is Mantas Armalis.

Which led to this conversation over breakfast:

Laurie: Look at this mom, this is San Jose's backup goalie. He's a model.

Laurie's Mom: What does he model?

Laurie: Whatever he wants...

Good lord. He makes Eddie Lack look like Roberto Luongo (oh god I am gonna catch hell for this one...). Anyhoo, the boys are back at it tonight against the Edmonton Oilers, so expect the hype to be tweaked just a bit.

We'll see some lineup changes tonight, though Willie Desjardins has said to expect some of last night's crew to get into this game so he can see how they handle back to back situations. We'll try and snag the lineups for you when they're announced. And yes, the game is on SN1 tonight, so calm down. Happy Paul Henderson day, everyone.


Yesterday was a solemn anniversary for metal fans as it marked 30 years since the accident that claimed the life of Metallica bassist Cliff Burton. His death shook the metal scene to it's core, but while his time with us was short, that's one hell of a musical legacy. RIP.