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The Morning After the Night Before: 23 September 2016

When Team USA somehow humiliated themselves yet further, Team North America would have cried into their beers if they were old enough to drink, and training camps were starting...

Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

Somehow, the World Cup of Hockey just got even better. Fresh off Team USA being knocked out after two games, we had a double whammy last night: Team USA being beaten by a very poor Team Czech Republic roster, ending the tournament 0-3, and Team North America - the media darlings - being shunted out of the semi-finals by a powerhouse Team Russia. Let's take a look at how this mad hockey world is looking this morning:


- So, Team USA. The coach and GM came out and publicly slated Phil Kessel, as did several players. That same team then went out and lost 4-3 to the weakest team in the tournament. Or they were, until Team USA usurped them. Enjoy that warm feeling as you read this recap and watch the 'lowlights' of the game. [WCoH]

- Team Russia secured a semi-final spot at the expense of Team North America. So much for McDavid / Matthews / Eichel / Larkin / Ghost etc etc etc. McDavid captains the side and they can't even qualify for the playoffs. Sound familiar? Read up on how Russia is actually looking pretty good, as they swept past a low-key and bizarrely lethargic Team Finland. [WCoH]

- Hey, you know that Selke candidate center for the Ducks who has the big mouth and thinks he's God's gift to hockey? Turns out he ended the World Cup with 0 goals, 0 assists, -3, 4 PIMS and a big fat WOODEN SPOON. [WCoH]

- For more gloating, see how the Team USA players reacted to their third loss. I'd have more respect for them if they all said 'we were awful, our best players didn't do their job, and the coach scared us'. [WCoH]

- LEAGUE BIAS ALERT: Today's list is of 'buyer beware' picks, players you don't want to draft too high. And the Canucks can't even make this list! [NHL]

- Training camp is officially open. Get your fix on Canucks news here, including videos of some of the players talking about the upcoming season. This is the one time of the year we can forget our troubles, and start to believe in this team. Please be positive about our Canucks, we can win the Cup. Seriously, the Canes did, we definitely can. [Canucks]

- Ben Kuzma with a good piece on Sven Baertschi. He really can have a great season. It's all going to depend on early season chemistry and, if what has been said is true, he and Bo will have that opportunity to pick up where they left off. I am excited by Sven. [Province]

- Roberto Luongo is 37 now, and is coming off a fantastic season. He's also coming off surgery, although he's due to start the season. With James Reimer signed as a very expensive backup, we may begin to see a little less of Lu from here on in. He does have five seasons left on his contract though. [The Score]

- Jaromir Jagr is back for season 23. How long can the guy go on for? He currently has 749 goals, 1,119 assists and 1,868 points. 20pts sees him leapfrog He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named into 2nd all time. [NHL]

- The Nucks may be healthy, but the Flames aren't. Ladislav Smid is out for the season, and likely for his career; Mikael Backlund suffered a concussion at the World Cup of Hockey; and Sean Monahan has some back issues, which is exactly what you don't want to hear about your 21 year old first line center. [NHL]

- Alex Ovechkin, saying all the right things. I believe he can do it, I just don't think he will. Do what, you say? Click on the link and find out! [The Score]

- For those of you who don't know, Yahoo Fantasy hockey is back again - here is the home page. Sign up for your own leagues or let us know if you want a Nucks Misconduct one, and we'll get to it! [Yahoo]

- In looking at Jaromir Jagr's point totals, I noticed this anomaly: due to him playing 1 game, and putting up two assists, Pavel Zacha currently has the best career PPG ratio out of every single player who has ever played the game. Sample size schmample size, that kid needs to get it on a t-shirt quick. [NHL]


Question of the day: Does Jaromir Jagr retire this season, or does he continue on?