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Young Stars Game Day 4: The Final Day

Farewell Penticton!

Today was the final opportunity for the young players to impress the coaches and management of their respective teams. The teams carefully put together their rosters to make sure they had a chance to take last looks at invitees and bubble players.

Game 5: Edmonton (4) vs. Winnipeg (1)

The game started out very slowly, which should not surprise anyone given the early time on puck drop (11 am). Both teams looked as though they needed one more cup of coffee before stepping onto the ice. As the game entered the second period the teams started to wake up and play more like what one would expect out of a game of this calibre.


Jesse Puljujarvi- The Oilers gave the #4 pick the night off on Saturday but decided to re-insert he and linemate Drake Cagguila in the lineup for Sunday’s tilt. Get used to seeing this slick Finnish player taking control of the game with his great hockey IQ and outstanding puck skills.

Keven Bouchard- The third different starting netminder for the Oilers was the best of the bunch. After giving up an early goal, Bouchard stepped up his game and shut the door the rest of the way for the win. Many of his 36 saves were high percentage shots.


Brendan Lemieux- Lemieux plays an aggressive style, and often it finds him in the bad books of the officials. Today, his reputation for being ‘fiesty’ preceded him. He was not getting away with anything and was taking reputation penalties that would not have been taken if any other player had committed the same offense.

The First Period- It was a pretty weak period. It was early. Teams weren’t engaged. Could skipped the first 20. ‘nuff said


Logan Stanley- 3 games in 4 days is tough, and Stanley played a lot of minutes in the first 2 games. He looked tired! At the end of his shifts he looked like he’d just completed the Grouse Grind. That said, he played smarter than he had in his previous appearances.

Penalties- Both teams kept the officials busy, by taking turns with the penalty parade. This might have been a result of the players running out of steam and getting a bit sloppy with their sticks.

Game 6: Calgary (4) vs. Vancouver (3)

Once again the Canucks and Flames were the curtain closing match for the Young Stars tournament. Everyone knows the history between these two teams, and this tournament has had it’s own special moments.

Here’s how tonight’s matchup played out:


Ryan Lomberg- The Flames forward was dialed in today! Not only was he involved in the only fight of the day, he scored a pair of goals including the game winner in overtime.

Marco Roy- Marco was rewarded for his great tournament today by being informed that he would be invited to participate in the Canucks main camp. This is good, he worked his tail off this weekend for this opportunity!

Yan-Pavel Laplante- The former Coyotes draft pick scored the Gordie Howe hat trick today with a goal, an assist, and a fight. Laplante was involved in all facets of the game, showing why Jim Benning went out and signed him in May.


Jordan Subban- Yeah, he scored a beautiful goal... BUT how did he get that far open? He took a very selfish penalty while skating back to the bench after a post whistle skirmish. That negates the goal. It gets worse, Subban’s errant pass led to a short handed breakaway goal. Subban was needed to be a steadying influence, but he fell short of that today.

Tate Olson- Olson did not have a great game. He was caught out of position on more than one occassion, made ill-timed defensive swaps, and for a while looked like he was participating in a Javelin competition (his stick spent more time on the ice than it did in his hand on back to back shifts).


Flames Discipline- The Flames found them selves collecting penalties at a steady clip. It seemed like they were trying to goad the Canucks into a chippier game than they wanted to play. Luckily for the Flames, the only thing uglier than the penalties they took was...

Canucks Powerplay- Once again the Canucks gave up a short handed breakaway goal, this time it was in overtime and the game winner. It’s hard to install systems in only a few days, but the Canucks seemed to be more interested in making things pretty than they did putting the puck into the net.

Invisible Trip Wires- It’s hard to say if these actually existed on the ice tonight, but the number of times that a Canuck defender fell down needs to be explained by something. Sautner, Neill, Subban, Olson, and Stewart all fell at inopportune times today. It coulda been the ice, but let’s blame invisible trip wires!

That’s a wrap on the games from Penticton. I will return tomorrow (most likely) with some more global tournament wrap up information.

Thank you Penticton and Summerland for being so awesome! Can’t wait to come back and do it again!