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The Morning After the Night Before: 14 September 2016

When the NHL went 'Pop!', and the start of the World Cup of Hockey drew ever closer...

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

More WCoH warm-ups last night - next up, real hockey returns! It's been wonderful to have box scores to pore over, line combinations to calculate, and of course, Sedinery to drool over. We really are into hockey season now folks.

So what is happening in the hockey world? Let's see:


- WCoH warm-ups last night saw Team USA struggle past Team Finland, 3-2. Some bloke called Ryan Kesler scored. [Sportsnet]

- WCoH news: Tyler Seguin joins his buddy Jamie Benn in feigning injury pulling out of the tournament. Ryan O'Reilly is the replacement. [TheScore]

- Great piece by Ben Kuzma on Cole Cassels. It's time to get cautiously optimistic about this kid again. [Province]

- LEAGUE BIAS ALERT #1: Latest list, latest exclusion of the word 'Canucks'. This time they look at this season's breakout players. I'll admit, this list is really tasty. I just think they could've had Ben Hutton on there. [NHL]

- LEAGUE BIAS ALERT #2: Those adorable Funko Pop! creatures are having a line of NHL players released. Names such as Sidney Crosby, Patrick Kane, Jonathan Toews, Carey Price and, yes, Morgan Rielly. There are no Canucks on that list, which is a shame, as you'd think they could print the Henrik/Daniel ones and save on costs. [NHL]

- There are some stellar RFAs still not signed. I say we offer sheet the lot, maybe one will stick? While I love Nikita Kucherov, it's Hampus Lindholm I'd covet most off that list. He would look sexy on our back line. [Sportsnet]

- Something I agree strongly with: the women's game needs to be added to the next EA Sports NHL game. They've done it with the FIFA series, now it's time to represent hockey properly and fairly. [Excelle Sports]

- Don't take your baby to hockey games. It could get very expensive, as this couple has found out. [Toronto Star]

- The Las Vegas Knights will either be Silver, Golden or Desert. I think we can call it now. [Review Journal]

- PTO alert: Mike Brown, once of the Canucks, is now with the Columbus Blue Jackets. He won't stick. [CBS]


Question of the day: What kind of season can we hope for from Cole Cassels?