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Canuck Corsi Conversion Ratio

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Evil statistical analysis that proves I can use math to show that Jannik Hansen made a deal with the devil.

Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

Happy August 26th everyone. The Canucks play their first preseason game in just over a month. So we have that much time where we drink for another reason besides hockey. Keep those livers in shape and don’t overdo it too much as it could be another long season.

This year I created a stat called Corsi Conversion Ratio (CCR). The idea was to see how many Corsi chances were actually converted for and against when a player was on the ice. The complete explanation for those new here or those who didn’t read the first two posts is here.

So finally I am here to give you a look at the year end 5vs5 stats of the Canucks. We all know that the Canucks were not a great even-strength team this year. Heck they weren’t great on special teams either. A CCR of zero means when a player is on the ice there is as much chance that an even strength goal will be scored by his team as there will be that one is scored against his team.


So….yeah… looks kinda bad. There were only six players that had positive CCRs, and one of them was Sbisa. The stats also show a lot of what we already knew by watching the games. Like Radim Vrbata was as useful as me in an operating room. (I only play a doctor on t.v.) Bo was on the ice for a lot of goals. Vey, AMFB and Prust were death to scoring chances. And Jannik Hansen was a machine last year.

But this stat also points out some surprises. Luca Sbisa had many scoring chances against while he was on the ice, but not a lot of goals. Jake Virtanen can create offense but watches more opposition goal celebrations. Sven actually had a pretty good two-way season.

I added the two new big additions at the bottom to show what their numbers were on their teams last year. Hopefully each can sustain or improve to help this team.

Let the mocking of this stat continue.